Why Some Filipinos Cocky and Full of Excuses

If you have been living in Australia for a while, you get this perception that Filipinos are hard workers. We do what we are told to do and perform above what is required from us. I understand not every single one of us Filipinos abroad are great workers. But the perception that many of our employers think of us as great workers, because most of us are!

There are few behavioural traits, that I don’t like amongst Filipinos. One of them is being fraudulent. You know the type, the one who will always try to make money of you by ripping you off. I encountered that first hand when I tried to work with another Filipino to conduct a business. You can read about it on this article

This particular topic is what we are going to talk about today. Hopefully, you can add to this discussion as well. You don’t have to agree with me though and that’s that the whole point. A discussion.

Unrelated or unclear answers to your questions

Filipinos have knack of ambiguity. When we ask as certain question, we get a response that is totally unrelated to what we initially asked, or we get a response that is not fully complete. This causes ask to further ask more questions so we can get some clarity to what we originally asked. Sometimes we get the answer eventually. Other times we waste our breath and wonder why do we bother. I get this all the time with my wife, but I am determined to change her outlook about this because it is not a trait I would like to have in my family.


More recently, I started playing tennis again. Here in Australia. The tennis courts are most likely padlocked. This means if you want to play, you need to pre-book so somebody can open the gate for you.

Dad is a key holder for these courts as he belongs to a committee who manages the courts themselves on behalf of the council.

As I mentioned earlier, I started playing tennis again. So we were at the tennis courts playing. Two people whom we have acquaintances turned up and started playing again. We have had no problems with this. The tennis courts is a public place and is open for everybody.

Being key-holders though, letting people in becomes your responsibility. We were done playing so we let these two Filipinos aware that we opened the gate and we were responsible for the courts. This responsibility is waived if we knew they had pre-booking. So we asked.

And the reply was, well do you have a booking? I mean what the heck? So we explained (again) that we (well Dad’s group) are the folks responsible for the courts. These knobs then turns around and says, yes we have and they will take care of the payment later, but does not want to give the money to dad.

To cut this long story short. Dad made a decision to call the person who normally collects the payment fees for the courts. The reason for the call comes in few folds. To let him know that we let somebody in, and the courts are open so anyone else can come in and needs to be monitored, and to ask if he would like use to collect the money because we were there already. Makes sense yes? It does to us.

We returned and asked for the payment because we were there already. These cocks, then turns around and says but we pay a person in their group for it and that they shouldn’t have to—further to that, they wanted to pay the amount that was well below the tennis court fees. We got the money but not without hearing all these excuses.

Where are all these coming from

Why do Filipinos embarrass themselves this way?. That story is one of the stories, I commonly get, It’s just wrong and you wonder why we Filipinos can work under a foreign body, yet causes troubles amongst ourselves.

This is the main reasons in my opinion why Filipinos are cocky and full of excuses. Survival and lost identity, that is the cause of it all. Foreign rulers. How many centuries Filipinos have been ruled by foreigners? That’s right. We have lost our identity. We are used to being governed by some other country that we lost trust to our kind who bears power over you. The former (survival) is self explanatory. Philippines is third world country. Life is hard there. When you migrate, aspect of that thinking is brought in to the new country.

Jojie Certeza

Jojie Certeza is a Sydney based photographer. His passion for photography started in 2007 after being introduced by a friend who is also passionate about photography. He also founded;— a food photography service. He can be hired for food photography assignments

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