Why Do We Keep Going Back To Philippines

We often hear people wanting to migrate from Philippines to another part of the world. Most to work and others to make a new living and a new life and call that country their own. Like myself, we are Filipinos who immigrated to Australia. I call Australia home and this is the only country I am very comfortable living in.

So, if people are moving away from Philippines, why do we then come back for holidays. We know how Philippines is like and why not travel to other parts of the world instead. Each one of us has various reasons for travelling back to Philippines for a holiday. Some of us have family there, cousins, grand mother. The various reasons for travelling back are endless.

Take for example this video, below. It shows and depicts the various beauties of Philippines. Most of these places I have never actually been to, but am glad that others have and are sharing it to the rest of the world. Perhaps when we do return to Philippines, we’ll get the chance to visit them. Play the video below and watch the beautiful Philippines and the music accompaniment. Simply beautiful.

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