Where Do Filipinos Live In Australia

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Do you wonder where most Filipinos live? In Sydney, and I can almost bet anywhere else in the world that is multicultural, there will be clumps of groups living in certain areas. I think that’s just the way it is. It’s something to do with belonging to a social group, and what not.

I was born in Philippines and came to Australia at an age before my teens. So, I’m a Sydney boy and know a thing or two about Sydney. Not that much, but a thing or two none the less.

When we migrated from Philippines to Australia back in 1988, there weren’t a lot of us Filipinos living in Australia. Now, it seems there’s a lot of us now, and this got me thinking on how many Filipinos there are in Australia and where they live.

photo By roger4336 | Licence: Creative Commons March 26, 2012

photo By roger4336 | Licence: Creative Commons March 26, 2012

What I do know is this, many people live in a suburb called Blacktown. It’s in the south west side of Sydney. Did you know there’s 26,000 Filipinos living there? I know, it’s a small number right? But think of it this way. In 2006 consensus of Filipinos living in Sydney. There’s about 57,000 Filipinos living in Sydney and 26,000 of us lives in Blacktown? That’s about 50%! Now that’s a great number!

Other’s are spread around Sydney, and the other area where many Filipinos live ranges between the suburbs of Glenfield all the way to Campbelltown. Don’t worry if you don’t know the suburbs here in Sydney. It’s really irrelevant. I was just impressed that over half the population of Filipino Australians lives in Blacktown.

Where do you live?

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