What’s at Sydney Royal Botanical Garden?

One of of the new years resolution is to get back into photography. You could say, I was lost these last few years and this year, I am going to get it together.

Between work and daily life, it will be a challenge to go for photo walks each week but I’ll try and make it happen. It’s been a long time since I’ve set foot to Sydney City. I thought this would be the best place to start.

Observatory Hill

The botanical garden opens at 7am. I was at the city by 6am—thinking I could get some free parking. To make use of my time, I headed to Observatory Hill and see what it’s like over there. I’ve never been there in my entirety of living here in Sydney.

Observatory Hill offers you a panoramic view of the bridge. I saw a couple though sitting by the bench and thought to focus on them instead. I’ve tried taking photos from different angles — assuming they are not aware they are my focus. By the time I got to an angle that I like, they themsleves have started taking pictures of each other. I didn’t quiet get what I wanted, but it was close enough.

Sydney Botanical Garden

It was opened in 1816, entry is free and is open everyday about 7am and has different closing times depending on the calendar months, between 5:30PM and 8PM. It’s about 30 hectare at a place called Farm Cove

There are many things to do here, such as leisure walks, events, If you are interested, head over to Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens website for more info.

For an ozpinoy like me, residing in Sydney for quite sometime, I have not paid to much attention to the garden. To my surprise it was really peaceful. Just like this guy, I too took some time off and napped!

From what I gathered, themes are changed regularly. I guess, it would be a good idea to then, make a trip to the gardens after each season?

One thing I did not know, was what we call Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair is also part of the Botanical Gardens! Normally, to view the the tall buildings of the city and to see the Sydney Opera house and the Harbour Bridge. This is the place to be.

On the otherside though, are the old gray warships.

If you are heading to the city for a day out, why not give some few hours and explore the Sydney Royal Botanical Garden? There’s 30 hectares worth of grounds to explore, has a huge garden areas to relax, includes cafe for lunch. There’s so much to see, and if you are like me who enjoys nature, there’s one right in the middle of the city. Have a snooze, it’s peaceful. I did.