Western Regional Park Dangerous


Recently, I read a news article where, I woman was walking her dog and was bitten by a brown snake at Western Regional Park. The dog apparently caught the brown snake and the owner tried to take it off the dog and that’s when she was bitten by the snake. She was taken to Fairfield hospital for treatment.

Before we moved from Philippines to Australia, I had dogs, but we never really looked after it, not the way we look after dogs here in Australia. As a Filipino living in Australia, we assimilate to the norms of the Australian way of life. Here, I learned to treat dogs much better than how I treated mine back in Philippines.

At first, I wondered how stupid this woman was for trying to take the snake from the dog. It’s only a dog! As a result, she placed herself in danger and got bitten and ended up in the hospital. I thought, she could have just left it alone and if anything, just get another dog.

The more, I thought about it, the more my thought changed. My kids have a dog and they love him very much. Heck I love their dog too and I treat him as one of the family. I could see where she was coming from.

Western Sydney Regional Park, is surrounded by suburbs. There are lots of us people here and I really didn’t think there are brown snake there. But evidently, I am wrong. This park though, is massive and anything could be living in there.


When I go for a walks, I tend to go off track. As a photographer, I look for interesting subjects. In suburban areas, you’d think street photography would be the best option. Whilst walking in this park, there’s nothing interesting at first. It looks like a normal park. That is until after you look closely into the trees and look for little things.

When you go off track and look closely to the trees and leaves, now and then you get lucky and rewarded by nature.

20150520_20100208_IMG_8185 - Western Parkland

All of these photos in this blog I have taken are from Western Regional Park. They were taken in various days and some days in few months span. Some days, I come home empty, some days I come home with little something, and some days, I come home with a great reward for being there at the right moment.

Personally, I don’t think this park is dangerous. Some parts of the park for me were interesting in terms of photography anyway. One thing is for certain though, the next time I go for a walk at Western Regional Park, I will be paying extra careful for those nasty poisonous snakes! Who knows what’s under those bushes or rocks!