Wentworth Falls – Blue Mountains

Wentworth Falls in the blue mountains of NSW. It is one of tourist attractions. It is very easy to get to as well— drive along M4 which connects you to Great Western Highway, or simply find Great Western Highway. This is coming from Sydney, as I am a Sydney based food and landscape photographer. Once you reach the suburb Wentworth Falls, turn left at Falls Road and follow that all the way to the end.


For the fit and adventurous, there are many tracks that you can follow—ranging from 30 minutes trails to few hours to even a day! I am not game enough for long hard treks, so I keep it short and normally follow the easy trails. Lucky for us, Wentworth Falls itself is an easy trail and very accessible. It will take 20 minutes return.

Best times to chase waterfalls

The best times to go when you are on a hunt for waterfalls, is just after the rain. There will be a lot of photos taken of the Wentworth Falls and also the Bedrock Creek, so if you want to be a little different, go just after the rain to give you a bit of extra edge. Of course, this is not a new idea, there would be others who will have the same idea as what I just said and it is really not a hard thing to do. I have been to Wentworth falls a number of times and because of my work schedules, often times I get there when it is not raining. Lucky for me though, at one point, it rained in the morning and I had some time to go and take some landscape of the waterfalls during noon. Yes, during noon—remember it just rained and the weather was an overcast—it was as if it was going to rain again. Here are some of the photos taken during this


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Weeping Rock

Just before you hit the top of Wentworth Falls, you’ll see a detour track that will lead you to this waterfall. Continue this loop and it will take you back to the top of Wentworth Falls.


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Top of Wentworth Falls

This is the top of Wentworth Falls. Overlooking the Blue Mountain Valley. If you look around you, you’ll find little streams that may look great on camera. Just like this one.