Wattamolla To Garrie Walk with Friends

Wattamolla is inside the National Park in the Sutherland shire area. Wattamolla means “a place near running water” in Aboriginal terms.

This was our Wattamolla To Garrie walk with friends (Bibol, Ingy, Ray and me).It has been a long time coming for our crew to get together. So we had a lot of catching up to do.

Today 10th of April 2010, all of us got together. We talked about your lives and what has been happening and more talks about anything that came in our minds. Including all our made up factual theories and discoveries just for laughs.


We met just about 7am at Bibols house before driving off to National Park – following Princess Highway going south towards Sutherland shire. Turning left at Farnell Avenue (and into the National Park, follow it’s winding road then left again at Wattamolla Road. Then Park and alight from there. Everything else was on foot. This was about 9am.

We walked and walked and walked. Over ridges, rocks, boulders through the bushes, creeks and rivers. We walked and walked. That was a lot of walking! My bush walking experiences are as far as parking my car almost to the destination and have about 2hrs return trip. This trip we had, give or take was about 5km each way. 10km return! It took about 3.5hrs to Walk from Wottamalla – Garrie.

From Garrie is a beautiful beach where we finally rested, had some snacks, swimming (Ray and Ingy only) and chatted some more (knowing us we won’t stop talking)

After resting we started our trek back. Few of us didn’t want to move, because we were tired… ok.. so it was just me.. I saw how we climbed down that hill more like a mountain and now we have to climb that sucker up! But there’s no way to get back but walk so walked we did. I had a plan for this climb. 10-20steps then 5-10mins break should do it! It was steep!! And no photos to prove it because my mind was on that walk and not about documenting where we went. Looks like we have to do this walk again properly! Walked we did all 3.5hrs of it. By the time we got to the car and gone it was bout 5:30pm. That’s almost 8hrs in total out there with not much water and on foot!

So this is how we spent our time catching up with the most latest goss, news and events in our lives. Those we missed in years we haven’t been together as a whole crew.