Waterfall Circuit In Blue Mountain

Waterfall Circuit in Blue Mountains, covers 3 kilomtre walk. Within the three kilometre distance, there are four water falls Federal Falls, Adeline Falls, Junction Falls and Cataract Falls. It’s an easy grade track and is great for nature lovers, photographers and trek beginners.

Waterfall Circuit—Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia, have four waterfalls to wander off to within a 3 kilomtre walk, Federal Falls, Adeline Falls, Junction Falls and Cataract Falls. It is an easy track to get to and will take just under one hour and a half to walk. Photographers will take longer of course because you will be looking for photo opportunities and these things simply takes time.

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How to get there

Waterfall Circuit is in Lawson, Blue Mountains and it is about 3 kilometres return. The tracks are easy to follow and though not fully marked, you won’t miss it if you just follow the tracks. If you are driving from Sydney, head towards the Blue Mountans – that’s Katoomba way via the Great Western Highway. Just in front of the Lawson station there will two one way lanes that you can veer off too. This should be called Honour Ave. Follow that track and eventually you will find a very small parking station, right opposite Living Stone Street. You can park your car there and start the walk, or go further down. We started ours from there. For google map refence. Follow this link

What you will experience

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If you are after awesome falls, these waterfalls are probably not the best place to go—or go just after the heavy rain, but the tracks could be slippery and may not be a good idea.

But if you are like me who is not after, just falls, but into nature walks and a bit of healthy walking—you do have to walk, about 3 kilometres of it return. This is a good track to go to, because it’s an easy grade. Perfect for person like me who is not as healthy—but can still bit a tiny bit challenging.

Photographic Opportunities

There are four waterfalls within the 3 kilomtre circuit. We missed one because we veered off the wrong track—track the was heading back home instead of continuing another few hundred metres to the last waterfall. The watterfalls may not be to your liking, because it’s not really catered for full blown tourism, but more for nature enthusiasts walkers annd photographers who would like to be challenged a little bit.

Take your tripod with you because you would want to use long exposures so you can get a nice good and smooth water flow. Take your ND filter as well for longer exposure time and not have your picture over exposed.

Good place for portrait shoot


OK, it’s probably a bit of a chore for portrait photography if you are carrying loads of gear. Even though this trek is considered as an easy trek, with all the photography equipments that we have there’s a lot to carry. Besides, trees and ferns can be found basically in any bushlands where there’s no great deal of a hike.

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