United States Trip – Soothing Church Experience

Today was church day. So we set our day for church. Had scrambled eggs for breakfast and toast, got ready and then off to church we went.

I have not gone to church in years! It is true, I have lost faith with the almighty. Largely I believe it is because of the lifestyle we live here in Australia. Mind you, there are many devoted followers of their religion. I know some of them, where anything and everything they do, God is the centre of it.

But not me. Some aspects of it is because, perhaps of martial arts. I am spiritual being, that I give you, but I don’t follow certain religion.

Today we went to Church, it was called Pathway Community church. I got to drive there and it took about 30 minutes of travel. The kids went and played and perhaps did their activities, whilst the adults attended the sermon. Being of Catholic background, I don’t think that was a mass, but a lecture none the less.


As we entered the church. At the stage was a large group of choir, singing a wonderful melody that cuts straight through to your emotion. It was a soothing melody. The pastor presiding it talked about how we take God for granted. He spoke of how, when things are going so well for us as individuals, we tend to forgive God—but when things go wrong, the first person we blame is God for not being there!

He then interviewed a human traffic survivor and went through some of her experiences and how that tragic experience is now used to help mentor of fellow human trafficking victim like her. To think that I ran into a bad rut, is nothing in comparison to what she has gone through and many more others whom she’s trying to help.

I have basically, abandoned all forms of religion—except for Buddhism as it is tied into martial arts that I do. The message was clear by the pastor. Have God, as the centre of everything that you do. Be it good or bad.

When I got this message. I wept. I didn’t want to, but I wept. Though I have no God, but of a spiritual being only and serves a purpose on this world—yet I know not what it is. His message was so clear to me and I have no clue how to use it!

The churches, I have been here in Australia delivered their ceremonies traditionally and the messages conveyed normally does not reach me. But this pastor got to me. His delivery and the way he reacts to little things was delivered with pride (of God) and certainty.

Truth be told though. I was so touched that I wanted to surrender myself to him. But I guess I am not ready because I am fighting it and go through my motions in life on my own. I know there are many Filipino like myself who live in Australia who are very religious. But I am not one of them.

Moving overseas, especially to Australia, what has happened to your belief system? Has it changed similar to me, or are you still moving closer to God? I would love to hear from you in the comment area below.