Trip To America – I am Coming Home

It is time to go home. I have been in America fr the last 2 weeks and now it’s time to go home. My trip in America was not the holiday type. It was more of a family emergency type—but it was somewhat of a small holiday if you could call it that as I was physically away from my home and into a country that I have never been before.

Whilst in America. I was made the house uncle—I did most of the cooking, in fact I did all of the cooking whilst I was there. Did a lot of cleaning—especially the kitchen, then cleaned it again. I took down the once shady part of the yard—a self made under cover shelter if you wish, with tarpaulin as a the roof. It got rained on the night I came in two weeks ago and the supporting wood top fell from weight of the collected rain drops.

Whilst this was not a holiday trip. It was a pleasant trip anyway. I felt that I made some impact to my sister and the kids. Though I did not do a lot in my point of view, my sister thought otherwise. Not only, they were all fed, but I took away all those daily chores from her, whilst she focused on what was really important in that house. So yes, I suppose, I did something useful. I mean, yes, I cooked everyday for them, I fixed the shower curtain. The kids hanged on to the old one and fell from their weight. So I put up another one.

I had fun with the kids. I suppose this was the part where I made some impact as well. I played with the kids, gave them a bit of structure—but two weeks isn’t enough. Though I hope some of that got through.

My nephew and nieces, reminded me of me own three kids, cheeky, playful, boastful, bully, loving, respectful, disrespectful. You know.. kids! Handful little devils that you can’t live without and gives you that little innocence of joys.



One observation that was so obvious were squirrels everywhere! They are so common that I’ve seen more squirrels running around than cats or dogs! Mind you, I’ve never seen a real squirrels in my life this is the first and naturally, I was excited. So excited that the kids teased me about it—how I’ve never seen one. Then jumped on the bandwagon—each time they see one, they would call me out just so I can see more of it.

Largo Park


Here at Clearwater, Florida. The kids have a favourite park and that’s the Largo park. I really wish, I brought my tripod and had more time to roam around, because this park, each year during Christmas, is all lit up. Come at night and it looks really good Unfortunately for me, I had no time for such thing. My time was so occupied with family matters that I could only sneak a shot or two in. s but my camera wasn’t around, or that it was in the car and I missed it.

There were few photo opportunities though, but like all photographers who are not snap ready—like my case, I’ve missed a few. I had few opportune moment.

Largo park was different though. I simply had no tripod and time. It was more so that I had no time.

Clearwater, Pier 60


An off chance we managed to get to the beach. This is Pier 60. Kids wanted to well, go and play, so I did not get that chance to look around and take few snaps. I did notice though, a professional photographer taking photos of a couple and so, I tried to include some of their poses into my shots. The ones I thought would look great.

I am glad, to have come to Clearwater, Florida. I got to know my nephew and nieces and got to spend time with my sister too. For me it sees that I haven’t done much to help her out. But to her, I have done a lot.

Next blog, I’ll write about religion. Yes, religion and more about me. It’s about how God works in mysterious ways and I am in the middle of that with all these ordeals that my family is going through.