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Looking For Winter School Holiday Sydney Event With Your Kids?

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Being a parent is tough enough. What more when you are an average parent and financial resources are limited—where you can’t just take your kids out for a day without spending a truck load of money? And it’s school holidays—where you want your kids out doors to enjoy and experience… Read more »

Jojie Goes in a Micro Plane

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This year, I thought I’d celebrate one of my kids birthday by doing something exciting. Jobelle Alaysa and I split few years ago. She left me for some other guy and I do hope it’s a decision she made that would make her happy. I can respect that. But unfortunately,… Read more »

Jojie Does Aerial Aerobatics

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Aerial acrobatics may sound scary, but it’s really not! I had a great fun and experience at Airborne Aviation in Camden, NSW Australia. We did aerial acrobats—rolls, dives, zero gravity. I also had the opportunity of taking an aerial photography of Warragamba dam. I had the opportunity for a Tigermoth… Read more »

Christine Ferrer

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Major Filipino festivals comes once a year here in Sydney. As always, it’s ear marked usually the first weekend of Australian Labour day in NSW and ACT. This year, Labour day and the Filipino festival is held on Monday, October 6 2014. It is as usual held at Fairfield Showground…. Read more »

Fresh Start in life

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Sometimes, you are simply not meant to be. She is not for you and you are not for her. I am not a follower of the Christian faith, even though, I was born and raised to be one. Don’t get me wrong, I am a spiritual. I just don’t believe… Read more »

Divorced Fathers Who Lives in Australia

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Life in Australia as is even harder for people who are separated. Take for example, me. My wife and I separated back in 2009 wife in 2009. Since then, I have lived a struggled, and literally, lifeless life. You got the point? I don’t have a life. I don’t go… Read more »

Where Do Filipinos Live In Australia

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Do you wonder where most Filipinos live? In Sydney, and I can almost bet anywhere else in the world that is multicultural, there will be clumps of groups living in certain areas. I think that’s just the way it is. It’s something to do with belonging to a social group,… Read more »

Fairfield City Farm

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It’s been a while since we’ve been to Fairfield City Farm. Maybe it’s time to go back there and revisit it. After all, it is just around the corner from us. Well, from where I used to live anyway. The reason, I don’t think much about this great attraction, is… Read more »

Why Do We Keep Going Back To Philippines

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We often hear people wanting to migrate from Philippines to another part of the world. Most to work and others to make a new living and a new life and call that country their own. Like myself, we are Filipinos who immigrated to Australia. I call Australia home and this… Read more »