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Getting a degree, is one form of acquiring a milestone in our lives. This represents our skills, knowledge and achievements by acquiring one. Having a degree, escalates our social status in this society giving us better credentials by completing something. It’s an ego booster, a confidence booster, something that we can bloat for a little bit. Degree in my view indeed gets a bit of attention in social and work life. But it’s not all there is to it. Living in Australia, there are a number ways of getting vocational education. We have universities, TAFE, Private Colleges and even online schools that are based in Australia.But there is only one way of getting a degree, that is by going to Universities. I am discounting the online degree courses, as at this current time, it is not widely accepted and that the credibility is not really there.

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There are two distinct educational institutes that would really stand out here in Australia in my view. Both serves different purposes and the separation lines between these two really isn’t that much any more—depending on what course you would take of course. Sometimes, I feel, going to TAFE is much better off than Universities. But likewise, Universities are far better than TAFE. Traditionally, anything hands on, TAFE is the choice as it is a hands on training unlike universities where there’s a lot of theories invovled.

TAFE in Australia, is widely recognized training institute. At most, the highest qualification you would get is a Diploma, which you can use as a bridge to get to University. The qualification levels that you would get from TAFE varies from Statement of Attainment, Certificates I through to Certificate IV all through Diploma.

Today, I read in Sunday Telegraph, that TAFE is now offerring a Degree. This is the first degree they are rolling out. Others are coming as the semester progresses through. Currently what is being offered as I gathered, is a Degree in Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) at the Design Centre over at Enmore, Sydney.

TAFE is rolling out these Degrees to battle the skilled shortages issues we currently face. This is their response to the shortage of skilled workers we have here in Australia. The degrees that they do offer, will not be in competition with Unversity degrees. What they are trying to do is build an education system that needs a special niche, as part of the solution of our growing skilled shortage problem. The other reason as well, why they are now offerring Degree’s is because, as technology improves, what used to be the norm, that you all you really need were Certificates or Diploma in some jobs, now needs a Degree.

10 years ago, I studied at Southern Cross University, Bachelor of Educational Multimedia. This was the only University course I have ever done, so I don’t have anything to compare this with. When I was there, our course structure were both, hands on and theory based. I supposed this is an excemption to what I was talking about, TAFE being full hands on and University being theory based. But lets say you take a course in cooking. Many of my friends did, and only went to TAFE. I don’t think there’s a University Degree for this. But that said. Now they are head chefs in reputable restaurants, hotels. There’s no need for a degree now is there.

TAFE also collaborates with other institutes by way of OPEN Training. OPEN training or OTEN being the operative word, specifically suits people who simply do not have any time to allocate time and presence to study onsite or on premises. I have a statement of attainment certification that I have completed Project Management Course. This was in 2004. I decided to do this course, to complement my multimedia studies and at the time I was also employed as a “producer” which is another term for Project Management but in multimedia sense. I did that through TAFE but was run by Curtin University.

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