Road Trip To Dinner Plain Victoria


I am back here at Dinner Plain, Victoria to help out my brother set up Tsubo restaurant—
a business he and his business partner purchased last year. It’s a Japanese restaurant and it was started by a guy called Hamish many moon years ago and my bro, continued the theme.

It’s an established restaurant prior to the purchase and with my bro’s years of experience in this field, I wasn’t surprised that it was a success last year. This year I am expecting the same. If you get the chance to holiday to Dinner Plain or Mt. Hotham this year come by and enjoy the experience Tsubo restaurant has to offer and of course lots more snow activities and the other great restaurants here!

I am proud to be Australian—but I am of Filipino ethnicity. Being a Filipino living in Australia, and knowing another Filipino being successful with his career and having a successful business, makes me extra proud to be a Filipiono-Australian—that our kind, is out there, giving something back to the Australian economy and community.

This is the second year, that I’ve come down from Sydney to Victoria. Dinner Plain is just few hours from the border of New South Wales. It’s on the Victorian state—about 3 hours from Albury/Wodonga and this year was a special trip! I got lost!


We ended up in Cooma which is on the other side of the Alpine mountains and that set us back 5 hours of driving. The only good part was, I’ve always wanted to see Cooma and I suppose, this was a blessing in disguise. I sometimes would say to my work colleagues, that maybe I would make a day trip there and come back. Well, I did a trip alright.

Cooma was exactly what I expected, lots of grasslands, green pastures and rivers. I imagined it to be cold—but this time of the year, it should be cold as we are heading towards winter. Even though, this detour spoilt the original plan for the the restaurant, it was worth the drive. I loved the scenery, it was very relaxing and the views of rivers and grasslands—and the sun setting created a great atmosphere.


After a long side trip, we finally reached Albury—which was our original stop over point. This is on the New South Wales border and few kilometres away, divided by the Murray river is Wodonga, Victoria. Another 3 hours drive and you’ll reach Dinner Plain. We got here at 1am in the morning after fourteen hours on the road. Really it should have been eight hours, but hey! What’s a side trip right? All in good times!

Our first Sunday, was a recreational day. You know how it is right? Long drive, we just have to have a full day of resting. Besides, it was Sunday after all! Here, at Dinner Plain, everything is close, it is a small village after all right? Our apartment though, is right where everything is at. As soon as you open our back door, it leads straight to two tennis courts and inside that there are basketball rings. You also have a human size chessboard, where you physically have to walk the pieces. We are at the centre of the business complex, pubs, cafes and of course Tsubo.


Mountain Kitchen

Ally (excuse the spelling), is one of the locals here. She’s one of the few outlet out here who are open all through out the year. Many are seasonal and mostly are open during the snow season. She opened up this kitchen long time ago. Last year, when I was here for that couple of weeks, we spent almost everyday there having breakfast or going for a coffee runs.


She has one of the best pastries I have tried. The best part of it all as a commercial Cafe, is that when I have one of her pastries, it feels like its home made. I think they are all home made too! They are delish and feels like one of your mothers cooking—
made with love and it hits the taste buds well and straight into the tummy.


The weather this year, is a little colder than last year. Either that or my age is just showing. I think, the snow will be better this year than last. I hope it is so it is more enjoyable for snow boarders and holiday makers this year and good for the local economy too!

Like last year, I was only here to help with the restaurant and an occasional recreation. Like last year, I came here before the snow season and of course, there weren’t any snow. This year could be different. I may end up coming up here in the Alpine mountains three times. There’s a possibility that I might be able to whisk my kids away for a couple of days and spend some time up here and enjoy the snow. Then at the end of the season, I’ll be coming back here again to take my brother home after he wraps up business at Dinner Plain for 2015.