Remembering Kidapawan City. Has It Changed A Lot?

Old PC Barracks, Kidapawan City, by ozpinoy/jojiecerteza

The last time, I was in Kidapawan City was back in 2011. I’ve explored a small portion of Kidapawan by re-tracing some of the places introduced to me by my parents such as Bongolanon Falls and Kidapawan’s Landmark and where I stayed.

In 2017 was the next visit. I was meant to be my fathers assistant to his activities. Based on what I was told, it was going to be a lot of activities, tiring and strenuous — and I was hyped up and and ready for it! To my dismay, it wasn’t. Factor in the weather, my illness. It totally hindered my movements.

Going back to the time when I was living in Kidapawan City and now. I have noticed it was becoming a larger city. In comparison to other cities though, Kidapawan feels more a like a big town.

What I do like though is the slow progression of change. Probably not good for local economy, but it is nice to see green pastures and older establishments.

Road to grandparents house and cousins. Felt like a long walk when you were small

I remember Kidapawan city as a rural area. I remember getting lost in the woods—being young and small, it felt like a huge forest.

I remember the river we played in, how the water flowed freely and of abundance. How when it rained we would slide from a slope into the river and being frowned upon by our parents because we would come home with our clothes in mud—and they have to wash the stains away. When I returned to this river— at Old PC Barracks, I was told it was a mere trickle. It is still there, but the road to it is now non existent. It’s all bushes. Knowing that I had to climb down a hill, I did not dare in fear of slipping. There’s no telling what would have happened.

kids hanging out, Old PC Barracks, Kidapawan City

I remember, how houses are far and between, how there were a lot of room for us kids to run and play. How be at home, meant when the light fades away. Or like these kids, just hanging out at a corner store.

Ah! The memories of childhood! They were so good back in the old days.

Central business district

I know a lot has changed from when I was young to now. But it seems to be the same. I remember the same market, the same type of stalls. I appreciate all of these, despite of what I know now about hygiene, how different it is here in Australia or the developed world. I still appreciate the experience.

I used to feel disgusted when mum took me to shop for fish or meat. I remember the offensive smell. How it was always wet when you reach the sea food area—with no knowledge, some are live fish or it was meant to keep them fresh. My last visit (and previous visits to Philippines) changed that view. I appreciate how it’s different, how it is unique.

Market place, Kidapawan City

I remember though, on the outskirts of the market, how there are stalls of variety of goods for sale. Like sandals, fruits and various items for sale.

What’s less though, are individual vendors—who you know walks around selling you ice creams, or vendors with wooden carts by the side of the road. I’m assuming it’s the city’s policy that they are no longer there.

To Town Through Suerte

Making my way to town through Suerte, Kidapawan

Road to Kidapawan Town Centre through Suerte

For most part, I have always gone to town through the main road — that’s the road to Ilomavis or Mt. Apo. I have in few occasions in a company of other kids gone to town through Suerte — and I’m glad, because I was not familiar with this route. To this day, I still do get confused!

Much of what I remember Suerte was a dirt road. It is now cemented. Why shouldn’t it be. Progress!

Farm in Lanao, Kidapawan City. Image by Jojie Certeza, ozpinoy

I live in suburbs of Australia where natural green pastures are almost non existent. Just buildings and parks. Thankfully, commercial and residential developments on buildings in Kidapawan city isn’t as fast.

There are various agricultural plantations in Kidapawan City. It is after all called Springs in the Highlands. It is suited for many growers. Like the above image, a rice field.

Kidapawan holds a festival each year during harvest of fruits. It is called Timpupo festival. At one point, the city lined up a kilometre long of variety of fruits! Sadly, with the changing weather, sometimes this city isn’t as fruitful.

As I write this article. I am starting to miss Philippines again. Kidapawan has a special place for me, it is after all where I was born. I feel as though, there’s a lot more that I have not reached and I would like to explore that a little bit more. Perhaps this time though, actually do some planning and research — this way I can explore this hometown of mine more thoroughly. I hope soon. Until next time Kidapawan City, until then grow up slow!