Photographers and Travellers will Love Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is right here in Sydney Harbour. It is at the junction of Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers, about twenty minutes on a Ferry from Circular Quay.

What I love about Cockatoo Island, is it’s history and it’s potential for photography enthusiasts like myself. There are also accommodation to those interested in overnight stays. There are tents too!

Early convicts

Cockatoo Island is known as australia’s biggest shipyard which operated between 1857 and 1991. It has also served as a jail for our convicts.

Served as hard labour camp, convicts were relocated here because of overcrowding from the other prison. Here repeat offenders were relocated from Norfolk island which is about 1,400 kilometres away. These prisoners were subjected to hard labour where quarry sandstones, built prison barracks, military guardhouses and residences.

Later, Cockatoo Island also served as n Industrial School for Girls—another reformatory program.

Here’s a site for further readings about convicts.

Shipping Yard — Considered as Australias biggest shipping yard, Cockatoo became Australia’s naval dockyard from World War 1 through to World War 2 and I think maybe until 1992.

Cockatoo Island today — Cockatoo island is listed as a heritage site managed by Sydney Harbour Federation Trust since 2001.

There many tourist events held at this island, such as camping, paranormal tour, day visits, picnic


Old industrial buildings such as that of Cockatoo Island are great for photography enthusiasts. There are a lot of interesting subjects to photograph. Such as dockyard and maintainance facilities.
What fascinates us with old buildings? I suppose, it is maybe, because, it allows us to break away from what we see daily. In a way, it gives us a different view point, a different experience or exposure? Cockatoo island though, brings us much more than just old buildings. It is rich in history.

In todays world were mixing the old and the new seems to synergize, photoshoots here would be awesome! The majority of the photos here were turned to black and white. I thought, it would be look much better when processed as dramatic black and white. I can’t quiet explain it, but it just feels right and the way to go. I hope you enjoy these series of black and white photos taken from Cockatoo Island.