Pandesal Bake House – Grand Opening Day

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I love the bakeries in Philippines. I love the assorted things that they make. Here in Australia I love the bakeries here too, but the selection is somewhat too limiting for me—perhaps because that’s the market here. I suppose I could go to Chinese bakeries where they have assortment of little things. As a Filipino living in Australia, I find that there are times I look for our very own foods. Well, I got an email sometime last week about a grand opening day. It’s Pandesal Bake House located in Beverly Hills, NSW Australia. This is the first bakery outside West of Sydney as it claims. Frankly I don’t go often to Western part of Sydney so it’s no surprise that I have no knowledge of Filipino bakeries there—though Filipino shops I do go to—the sari-sari stores I do see some which is addressed at Western Sydney.

As an internet savvy person that I am. I like this establishment. Pandesal Bake House has their own website and gives us information we need about their product and services. But I am not here to talk about their website. I would simply like to extend the invitation that I received about their open day to this website as part of documentations of what’s around Australia. I don’t get around much because of my being anti-social behaviour (which kinda sucks considering what I am trying to do with this website). Also I could not help but notice, they provide more than just bakeries. They also serve other Filipino products and dishes and spreads and of course desserts that I already assumed it would be there.

So this coming Saturday, I will be there during their Grand Opening. This works well for me too because this day, I have to attend a birthday party which is timely. From their website, they offer pandesal of course and other Filipino products such as spreads, Filipino dishes and desserts. I can’t wait to try Taho. I’m not much of a big fan of Tahoo but I do crave them quite a bit. This Saturday, if it is available that day. I will be buying that and also buying few other dishes so that I can take it to the party that I am attending that day as well!

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