Jojie Goes in a Micro Plane

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This year, I thought I’d celebrate one of my kids birthday by doing something exciting. Jobelle Alaysa and I split few years ago. She left me for some other guy and I do hope it’s a decision she made that would make her happy. I can respect that. But unfortunately,… Read more »

Shared Accommodation Is Right For You

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It has been a decade or so long since I have had a shared accommodation. I was a student then, studying Educational Multimedia—this was in Coffs Harbour, I was single and young. This time around, I am much older, separated from family and going through this motion again. But this… Read more »

Jojie Does Aerial Aerobatics

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Aerial acrobatics may sound scary, but it’s really not! I had a great fun and experience at Airborne Aviation in Camden, NSW Australia. We did aerial acrobats—rolls, dives, zero gravity. I also had the opportunity of taking an aerial photography of Warragamba dam. I had the opportunity for a Tigermoth… Read more »

Moruya Heads – Eroubodalla Coast, NSW

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Moruya Heads, is a small town of New South Wales on the south coast. It’s within Eurobodalla Shire council. It’s about 300km from Sydney and this town is relies on agriculture, tourism and aquaculture. This whole area was home to Walbanga and Brija-Yuin tribes. In Australia, we have indigenous people—we… Read more »

Christine Ferrer

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Major Filipino festivals comes once a year here in Sydney. As always, it’s ear marked usually the first weekend of Australian Labour day in NSW and ACT. This year, Labour day and the Filipino festival is held on Monday, October 6 2014. It is as usual held at Fairfield Showground…. Read more »

Lake Tuggerah

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This culprit right here is one of the reasons I have not done much of landscape photography. Nothing was and is the same after this breath taking photo was capture. I have always compared all my landscape photography shoots with the photos taken during this day. Wouldn’t it be nice… Read more »

Gravel Loader in Bass Point

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Gravel Loader is about 1.5 hours drive from Sydney. It’s about 100kms or so on the southern side of Wollongong, part of Shellharbour. This area here is popular for scuba diving, rock fishing, spear fishing and water sport based activities. It is also great for picnics—there are picnic tables and… Read more »

Old Waiting Shed In Blue Mountains

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Did you know that it sometimes snow in Blue Mountains, Australia? I do, but I’ve never actually seen it. I seem to be always somewhere else when it does. It is rare that it snows in this part of the region—so I was curious on how it might look like… Read more »

Wentworth Falls – Blue Mountains

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Wentworth Falls in the blue mountains of NSW. It is one of tourist attractions. It is very easy to get to as well— drive along M4 which connects you to Great Western Highway, or simply find Great Western Highway. This is coming from Sydney, as I am a Sydney based… Read more »

Carrington Falls – Jamberoo

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Carrington Falls is in Jamberoo, inside Budderoo National Park , it drops about 50 metres into the a gorge into Kangaroo Valley. This photo here was taken from a look out just off the main road as I drove back home from a morning chase of sunrise photographys—which can seen… Read more »