Old Waiting Shed In Blue Mountains

Did you know that it sometimes snow in Blue Mountains, Australia? I do, but I’ve never actually seen it. I seem to be always somewhere else when it does. It is rare that it snows in this part of the region—so I was curious on how it might look like if it does snow. This is what I did.

I have always wanted to see Blue Mountains in Snow—it is rare that it snows in this region but sometimes you’ll see the snow drops from the sky. Very rare though because it doesn’t snow in this part of Australia. The times that snow does fall, I’m nowhere around to capture it’s moments.


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Over the years, I gained some editing skills from web design / multimedia world. I was at one stage a multimedia programmer and through work, I was exposed to the design world—those really artistic designers that you could only admire for their work because you know you can’t even begin how they created what they made from photoshop. The good part, I learned a thing or two—and I used some of those skills on this photo to mimic what this waiting shed might look like in snow. I do hope my graphic skills, was enough to create some resemblance.

This waiting shed, if it is still there—there were renovations at that time, is located in Blue Mountains, NSW. It was taken during a walk with a close friend of mine. As we grow older, we find ourselves wanting to do more of these nature stroll as oppose to partying and night clubs in our younger years.

It was a misty, foggy Saturday morning. We took the first short track of about thirty minute trail walk. This was in Wentworth Falls—eventually veering to another track that lead us to what it seemed like a walk deeper into the forest.

Our legs grew tired from walking up the hills and down slopey paths. We were breathless too, with no water to quench our thirst—so much for being prepared huh? We weren’t sure where we were, carefree but a little concerned.

It seems we have been walking for hours that I suggested we should turn back, follow the trail back. My great friend, tells me, we keep following the current track we were on. An off chance that a trail comes which leads to our right side then we take it—chances are that’s the track that will lead us straight up the mountain. The bottom of the mountain was on our left, it was fitting we go the opposite. Even though the trail seems to be always heading down.

This photo was taken on top of Wentworth Falls, near the car park. I am not sure if it’s still there because of renovations—it took me a year later to actually return to this place because the park was closed each time I drove there. I have not seen this waiting shed since—or the park just looked so different from how I once knew it that I don’t know where this shed is now.

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