Made It To America In One Piece

There is one country in the world that I never wanted to put my foot in—that is the United States of America. It’s not that I hate the country or it’s people. It’s because, everything I see in the movies and TV , all American. It is as simple as that. To me, even though, I don’t know the American culture, watching them on television was more than enough.

Yet, I am here now. My trip here in United States, is not for holiday but to somewhat help around the house. I don’t particularly want to get into full details because it’s a bit complicated. But I am here. Though, I have only seen a glimpse of the country as I came in after dark, I am loving it at the moment! Yes, I am glad, I came! I am staying at my sisters house and frankly, this area reminds me of Manly in Sydney.

As I love food, their main road is filled with different food outlets! I doubt, I’ll have the chance to try them all though. I came here in such a short notice and therefore, haven’t had the chance to save some money for dining out.

The flight – International


I left home about 10am in the morning so I can catch the bus and then train to Sydney airport, then checking in. My flight was 3.25pm that day and so I was in a bit early. But what else is new with me, always early. The lady at the check-in said, it’s advisable to go in at least 1.5 hours so I pretty much went straight in. Inside waiting area for the flights, I got so bored. I ate, and ate and ate. You know airport prices are a joke right? Yes, they are. The prices are so inflated that eating inside the airport can be such a turn off!

Anyway, I got so bored, I grabbed myself a bacon and egg roll and an apricot Danish plus a bottle of drink. That costed me almost $25. Now I still had 1 hour left to kill, so I kept buying food and eating. Next I bought a sushi roll, and a sushi pack. This time I bought a bottle of pure blonde beer. That too cost me $30! Then after that, I had noodles from a Chinese restaurant. Did you know that was expensive too? Yup! Normally, I would pay no more than $12 for this type of noodle. If you go to a food court, it would be much cheaper too! But nope, airport prices it is. $29.00.

All in all because I was bored, I ate almost $100 worth of food out of boredom. Then I realised, hey, internet is free! So I logged in and surfed the net and chatted to few online friends instead until we boarded the plane. Priceless!

Inside the plane, my site was in the middle aisle. The check-in lady says, she placed me in the middle of these 4 seats so that, I won’t get bugged when people are trying to leave their seats to go for a walk about. Now there were 4 seats in there so the two in the middle would be exiting from one aisle close to them. Bad idea. I should have been on the outer lane because, I was the one who kept getting up and going for a walk. None the less, I loved my sit. I sat next to this gorgeous woman! Too bad next to her was her boyfriend. But that was OK, seats on the economy planes are rather tight. So I got to rub shoulders with her, she even used my arm to rest on—I had my arm on the arm rest you see and she had her back turned against me whilst she slept, but she was still leaning on me. Perfect!

The flight – domestic

My international flight was from Sydney to Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas. As this was an international airport and I had a connecting flight, it was standard to alight from the plane, pick up my belongings and go through customs before re-checking in.

Did you know these custom officers ask so much question? I wonder what she was thinking when she asked me basic questions but I gave her a rather weird answer—at least for my age.

She asked the basic questions such as;
Custom Officer: When was the last time you visited United States
Me: First time
Custom Officer: What are you doing here
Me: Visiting family
Custom Officer: (with raised, eyebrow) family?
Me: My sister
Custom Officer: Who paid for your trip?
Me: My mum.
Custom Officer: So your mum is here?
Me: No, she’s at home.

I bet you she’ll be thinking, why is his mum paying for his trip to see his sister? I know I would.

Love the moon— my domestic flight left Dallas, Fort Texas about 5pm. I tried to get some sleep though, as I have been travelling about 24 hours and not much sleep. Actually I slept a lot, but in and out of sleeps. One thing I noticed as it got darker and darker was the moon! The moon was out and so much clouds in the sky that it gave a different perspective! I have never flown where the moon was out, and clouds where everywhere. I marvelled on the contours of the clouds, such beauty! Then as we descended, as the plane turns, I can see the reflection of the city from the wing! It was so great!

Driving toward home

One thing I noticed, restaurants! More restaurants! I’ve never seen such different restaurants and take away places here. Even banks! So many different ones! Before driving home though, we had a quick walk along the beach. My first impression? It was like Manly, in Sydney. Only better!

I am so glad, that I went to United States. What I thought about the US then is certainly not what I think about it now. It’s great!