Luna Park Spring 2013

Spring is here! Spring in Australia starts 1st of September—yes, our weather is opposite to the rest of the world. As a student though, this means spring break is just around the corner. No more school for two weeks! The cold is almost over and wearing summer uniform is just around the corner. For parents though, who would like to their kids to have a good school holiday can be a bit of a drag. Fun but costly. I spent a total of $700.00 for about 5 hours of fun! This is about 31,500 pesos! This spring break, I took my kids and their 2 cousin to a theme park called Luna Park.

Luna Park is a Themed Park. Various rides, play grounds and stalls. For us and knowing the kids, buying an unlimited ticket was the best option—$50 per person—you get a wrist band and depending on your height you get a colour because not all rides are suited for all heights. There are stalls there too and food areas. Mind you they are all very expensive. Personally, I think it is because not only they have to make money but other bills as well. Least to say, it is somewhat a luxury to go to these places.

As usual, we drove to Luna Park. Actually we weren’t meant to go kayaking that day. But silly old me, didn’t check the open/close times properly because when we got to the Lane Cove boating shed, it was all closed. So off to Luna Park it was.

When we got there. We purchased unlimited rides. Each of those tickets is about $50 per person. The good part is we won’t have to worry about paying any more on any rides. It’s unlimited!


After purchasing our tickets. The first thing we did was eat. It was after all lunch time. So we headed to the restaurant inside the park. Mind you, I knew it was going to be costly! Lunch alone set us back by $150 (about 6,500 pesos). The kids had their pasta ($20 (900 pesos) per plate!) and I had a steak—which was big, big mistake! I paid close to $40 (2000 pesos) and I was expecting filling. The steak I got, though it looked very presentable, looked more of a bite than anything. I can fit the meat in the middle of my palm! Yikes!

After lunch, straight to rides. My eldest was the most adventurous. She lead us to rides that was filled with excitement. More of a thrill seeking type. Unfortunately 3 kids didn’t saw it as a more daring thing to do and opted out. So there was just myself, my little man and our eldest. The best part of all the rides we had was the Flying Saucer (see image above). This is the first time I’ve been to one, so I did not know what to expect. What I noticed though was we were placed in a case no seat belts. As I knew this ride will spin around horizontally then vertically, I wasn’t so sure how safe it could be. But I trust it was going to be safe. After all so many people go on this ride. The first thing I noticed was this gravity pull. As it started spinning faster and faster. I couldn’t help but notice, I was being pushed back to a point where I could not lift my head! I was pinned down! Boy that adrenaline rush! It was fun!


I’m not sure what this ride is called, but I will name it as the spider ride. Think of it as a big swing. You know the feeling when you go on the swing as it goes up behind you and it falls to the ground and then going up again? Yup, it was like that, only higher and it spins you a little bit.


No theme park is without a roller coaster. My least favourite now, since I’ve tasted a more thrilling ride! My 2nd child managed to get on to this ride after a whole afternoon of convincing. I’m glad in the end she went on this ride. She enjoyed it! She thought it was scary but after the ride, says it wasn’t that scary after all.

At the end of the day, we all had a great time, went on rides, spent some time shooting balls (this one was extra. $10 (450 pesos) per 6 balls. Bot my little man and my 2nd child got two hoops in and we get a sizable diced foot rest to go home with. Most of the time we went rides after rides after rides.

We even went to the haunting house! Funny thing about haunting house, it’s designed to scare people. There was even a creepy lady outside the waiting line trying to scare the kids already. You should see some of our kids run away from here! So funny! Then come inside the haunting house ( this was my first as well), I did not know what to expect but at the same token, I was always prepping them up for what’s around the corner by telling them scary stories that something will jump out from this corner or that corner. Even timed with by fluke when I faced the kids to a dark area, a monster jumps out!

Luna Park is great theme park to go to. But be prepared to spend a bit money as it can be really expensive. Here’s a tip thought to reduce the costs. Bring your own food and drinks. A bottle of water cost us $6 where’s normally about $3. That’s right, prices on theme parks are about twice as much. But then, if you are prepared to fork out, in the name of fun then just go there and buy everything from there. Still though, I could have saved $100 (4,500 pesos) or so dollars from food and drinks.