Looking For Winter School Holiday Sydney Event With Your Kids?

Being a parent is tough enough. What more when you are an average parent and financial resources are limited—where you can’t just take your kids out for a day without spending a truck load of money? And it’s school holidays—where you want your kids out doors to enjoy and experience the good things of the country you live in has to offer? It could be quite stressful for a parent. That’s the case with me. I would like my kids especially during their school holidays to be out and about. See what Australia is all about, or at least what Sydney is offering whilst they are on school holidays—without having to spend a fortune!

There is only one week left this school holidays—and I haven’t taken my kids out yet. I mistook the beginning of their holiday for July instead of June! If that’s bad enough, there’s also, that term called paying off bad debt which hinders me even more from giving them a decent school holiday. The good thing about Australia, is that, councils provides us with goodies. I was in Parramatta last night for the Parramatta Winter lights festival. I am not sure what it’s all about and why we have it, but it’s a Sydney event that I was willing to go to. The entry is free, but the rides and activities are not, including food.

In June last month, there was a Winterfest medieval festival held at the Old King school in Parramatta. This is a yearly event and I am hoping, next year I’ll know about it in advance so I can make an appearance and enjoy the event with fellow Australians. The winterfest event itself is a medieval theme where there are sword fights jousting, knights and horses, peasants and jesters. Well, hopefully I’ll be there next year promise!

Parramatta’s winter light festival though, is of a different theme. It is on during this winter season and will end this coming weekend of July 12, 2015. It’s an Alpine winter village theme—it has carousel rides, ice ring and Disney like show. Tickets are available from stars on ice webiste. Family pass costs $58, 14 years and above is $20 per ticket whilst 5-13 years are $16 and under five years of age is $10.

I came alone—normally my kids weekend are fully booked with other commitments and I was thinking of taking them this coming Monday, but apparently all the good bits happen from Friday night all through out the weekend. Perhaps some other time aye?

There are plenty of photographic opportunities to be taken here. Lots of wonderful lights and people if you are into street photography. Be weary though of over protective parents because this a family event. It’s expected to have a lot of kids running around. The issue we face here, is you just might be accused of any wrong doings—you know the kind of stuff I’m talking about, being a pedo. So, it’s a good idea, if you have no intention of asking permission to take a photo of them like me—to make sure if you are taking a photo, that people know you are taking a photo. None of these discreet photography where you hug your camera and take photo as you walk along.

If you are a parent and looking to take your kids somewhere for a day during this winter school holiday, Winter light festival in Parramatta might be your option. It’s in Prince Alfred square — corner of Church Street and Victoria road in Parramatta. It will wrap up this July 12 so you have until then to decide whether or not this is for you and your kids.