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I have lived in Australia most of my life now and when somebody asks me if I like living in Australia, what do I say?

When my parents made the move in 1988, I was really young then. All the life I knew were all about Philippines until I started living in Australia.

The lifestyles here are much different to Philippines and when somebody asks if you like living in Australia, I would have to answer it all depends on varying factors. I will be sticking to the basics, the stuff that matters most in our daily lives.

What is it about Australia that I like so much than Philippines.

2011-04-20 - do you like living in australia


In general I like the transportation here in Australia—buses, trains, trams, ferries. I’ve used trains the most and though it can get a bit frustrating when it gets delayed or when it is packed with people because it’s peak traffic. In general I like the trains, because they are cheap and you get to rest in it. Best of all though, there’s no traffic like you would get on roads!


Education system in Australia is available to all people young and old. When you go to say TAFE or University, you will find age groups of all ages and no one would really care.

If you have met the entry requirement of a course then you are elgible for entry, otherwise you can do other courses to bridge that to the course that you want to do.

During my days of studies. I studied Educational Multimedia. In total it costs about $20,000.00. A money that I don’t have nor do my parents. The government paid for this course through HECS—which I have to pay back once I start working. I wouldn’t be able to study hadn’t the government helped me out.

Working in Australia

We have laws here that protects employees like myself from unfair dismissal. Actually we have laws here for just about everything which does not always come as being fair for both ends—the employer and employees but none the less, when you are working here in Australia. You can almost assure yourself that when you are employed, as you long as you do your job right and the company is going steady—that is to stay not in financial trouble. Then you would be okay.

Another thing too your employer can and will provide training so that you can do your job properly. Some of these training could gain you a certificate or diploma which you can use later in your working life.

Other Reasons I like Living In Australia

Sporting Events—There are sporting events to play in and or watch

Multicultural—We are mixed of different cultures all around the world so if you are the type where you are interested in other cultures just come here and you get to experience a little bit of everything.

Final Thoughts

I do love living in Australia. I am Filipino-Australian and wouldn’t have it any other way. Australia is my home and it’s the flag that I follow.

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