Life Is Not All That Bad

Are you in this stage of your life filled with unhappiness? Do you feel that life is unfairlike the the whole world is against you and life is just not fair?

We do live in an unfair world—where unfair life is abundant. There are many aspects in our lives that we would like to change. We are unhappy because we want to attain things that we could not, or we feel disadvantaged because somebody else has a better life than ours. They are happier and we are not.

If we look at ourselves, our unhappiness isn’t really all that bad. There are others out there with so much misfortune that we should be thankful and be happy for what we have—and then work on achieving our goals by working our life plans

This is what I am saying to you. If you are like me who has the tendency of feeling down for no reason, just remember life is not all that bad—hopefully the video at the bottom of this blog will help you stop feeling down or help in some ways. I felt thankful after watching that video.

My personal belief is that I have been mentally conditioned to think this way. To think and be negative most of the time. Most of my early life, child hood to teenage life, even to adult life. There is always somebody putting me down.

Once you have been served with countless doses of the the term-putting down. It really is hard to get yourself back up—because this becomes your comfort zone. But we can change that, accept that it is happening or has happened and do nothing about it. Instead focus on something that you have instead or what you want in life. Don’t worry about those people putting you down. Just focus on what is ahead of you. This is your life after all.

Below is a video, that I am pretty sure, some of you have seen before. I’ve seen this video before and whilst recently browsing, surfaced again. It’s truly is inspirational. Here I am whining how my life is messed up and here is this guy Nick Vujicic born with no limbs, yup! You read it right, no limbs at all and is always happy and smiling.

Nick Vujicic, author of Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life is different, he’s physically disabled and remained positive happy person. Watch the video and take a good look at your life again. Do you think your life is really that bad? Mine is not all that bad after all!

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