Lake Tuggerah

This culprit right here is one of the reasons I have not done much of landscape photography. Nothing was and is the same after this breath taking photo was capture. I have always compared all my landscape photography shoots with the photos taken during this day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up on a scenery similar to this? A lot of us do live by or near the beach where we can see sunrises on a daily basis. Realistically though, not all of us can live by the beach.


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Hobbyist like myself tend to go out of our way to capture beautiful imagery for our audiences, but we also target our own learning and growth in the world of photography. It is our commitment to better ourselves that we do this. Our passion and love in this field allows us to move through and rise on the occasions when needed. Did I just sounded like a commercial? Or something that is not entirely about photography? Wow. But seriously, we do go out of our way just to get the one shot. One perfect shot.

Like this image that you see. I had less than two hours sleep. I work in various times and this night I finished about midnight. Sure, straight to bed would be the next best thing. But when you work nights you can’t sleep straight away. You need time to relax and wind down.

Sunrise around this time comes around 6 am. I left home about 4:30 am. By the time 5 AM came, I can see the light already. I was running against time. From the road, I saw what looked like a jetty. This was along Shellharbour. It was named Tuggerah. So I call this the Tuggerah Lake, but do not be confused with the one at the Entrance up on Central Coast. This is one is in Shellharbour, Wollongong way.. There is a small picnic area and a car park if anyone is interested. I don’t have anyone information about this place. It was a side stop because the sun was rising and the sky was awesome.

I called this image Lake Tuggerah, because from memory, that’s what it was called. It is not actualy in a suburb Tuggerah, which is in the opposite direction of where this place is. This photo was taken in Wollongong area—I may be wrong with the actual naming so forgive me. This Gravel Loader photo is in Bass Point Reserve. I took this photo at the same day