Jojie Goes in a Micro Plane

This year, I thought I’d celebrate one of my kids birthday by doing something exciting.

Jobelle Alaysa and I split few years ago. She left me for some other guy and I do hope it’s a decision she made that would make her happy. I can respect that.

But unfortunately, we have a child together and I live in Australia and my child lives in Philippines.

This makes it very complicated, because I won’t be seeing my child if any at all. If she was here in Australia, I would have parental visitations. I suppose, I’d have the same access in Philippines—the only problem is, it’s in a different country and it would be too costly.

To make matters worse. I am not in contact with my ex. We both know each others email addresses, but she doesn’t normally reply to my emails.

You know what? As a responsible parent, I expected her to update me with my daughters activities. But not one email I got from Jobelle. At one point I have had to hassle her just to know what’s going on with my kid—that is if she would even bother reply to my emails.

So that said, this is my way of celebrating my daughters birthday.

Let’s go micro-flighting!