Johnny’s Story Living in Australia

This guest post is by Johnny via email. It has been slightly edited due to broken English

I came to Australia in 2006 with my family. We fell in love about our new place here in Perth. Living in Australia — Perth is a small city, a lot of good parks around, the scenery of swan lakes in Kings Park. I worked as a contractor for an engineering company for 4 years, its good then my income. It is quite stressful about my job but I manage to keep my goals to land me & my family to get a sponsor permanent residency.

Its quite tough and a culture shock for me to deals in my job, the pressure from the pears, the bullying, office politics, sort of manipulations, whatever you may say. But this a honest expirience i got from there…

Photo by: stusev. Licence: Creative Commons (Dec 8, 2011)

In-spite of that, I keep the job, start to plan for the best of my family. Last 2009, My contract with them ended and I started to struggle to keep my jobs. I tried harder with my full knowledge to cope with company system but it seems my fate is getting to doom.

As of now, I off (don’t have) the job and again looking for a job. I feel even I know my job I can’t connect to the Aussie, or might be need to learn more about their cultures.

We pass the citizenship lately, waiting for evaluation result of my application. We are happy of course but still having fears of my job situations. How can we survive if I run out of job, finances? This are the things that I thinking about so far?

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