Is It Hard To Find Unskilled Jobs In Australia

As I get to learn more about working conditions and work practices in Philippines, I often hear discriminations and unfair work practices being held, even in larger companies. The most common one that keeps coming up is having a college degree, or at least a number of years studies.

I am not talking about skilled based work here. I am talking about unskilled work and their requirements. I mean, if you are skilled, by that I meant, you have a qualification such as nursing, then it is just appropriate that you do work in that field that you chose. Likewise, if you haven’t graduated yet or don’t have the qualification then of course, you can’t get a job when you apply for it. Would you hire somebody who doesn’t have a doctors degree as your GP? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Photo by: joguldi  | Licence: Creative Commons (21 Feb. 2012)

Photo by: joguldi | Licence: Creative Commons (21 Feb. 2012)

The jobs, I have seen so far, that requires some form of college attendance are jobs like call centres, and some retail outlets—providing customer service. Do you really need a degree for that?

Call centre job

In Philippines. I know a couple of people at the moment in Philippines who are looking for call centre jobs. One of them has had only partial schooling, left university after 1.5 years of studying, the other, a graduate. There was no real problem with the graduate, but one of my friends who only had 1.5 years of studies is consistently being told that there is a two year minimum requirement as a college student. So, I took it to the web and had a quick look, indeed they wanted graduates! Now, if you are a college graduate, wouldn’t you want to work in the field of your studies instead of call centres?

In Australia. Comparing the jobs pre-requisites to Philippines and here in Australia, there are no requirements of being a University graduates, just some experience and a few more, such as computer literacy, able to multi task and have a helping others attitude. See! No mentioning of being a University graduate!

Don’t be picky with work

There are various of job roles that you can get into without having a set of skills. It would be nice though, if you do have a set of skills, say nursing as we do lack employment in this industry and has been for quite sometime. There are a fair amount of work available those who do not have formal educations. But it does mean though, that your income won’t sound so good too and the work you do, might not be as pleasant to that if you actually studied and completed a form of vocational course

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