I Went To The Spiritual World

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Last night, I had a dream. I wouldn’t normally share dreams for public consumption—though many times I share my dreams to selected few so I could make sense of it all. Many of my dreams somehow comes true—sometime in the future, it could be months or sometime years away. Of course, not all the time, but a many of them. I don’t dream much either and many of my dreams, I only see visions—you know images no words. But my dream of late, seems so real and I could remember it.

Filipinos in general are spiritual people, regardless if they live in Australia or any part of the world. The more I explored the dream, the more I could see it. So I shared it to a couple of friends and families and some of them told me it was a message from God—but I am not a believer of this faith? One told, me that I had a spiritual moment—this I can follow as I often meditate and do visualisations and I do believe we are spiritual beings.

So here’s how the dream went— I saw this as some sort of message for me. My world stopped since a relationship break up. I was emotionally paralysed and this was a few years back and to this day, I am still somewhat in that state. So this dream of late, I think I’m going to be OK. That’s the message, that I got, that I will be OK — which means, I can now move forward.

And that’s a relief! Trust me, you don’t want your world to stop! I wasted 3 years doing nothing. Just living instead of LIVING!

The Dream

I went to bed about 1.30am. About 3.30am, I woke up because of a dream.

Whilst I was sleeping.. I dreamt, I was in this house, it looks like in Philippines or some third world country…but my bet would be Philippines.

I was in my room with one of those vertical glass windows that you can open/close by pushing/pulling a lever up and down. I was standing near the door when the phone rang. I looked outside and could see a female but could not recognise who it is. I could not see her face either. Whilst at the phone it was that female outside my room calling me on the phone and she says, Jie, your mother and father is here, we are going to have a meeting. Come join us when you are ready. Why couldn’t she just knocked on my door I wondered.

Then there were flashes of images that I could not work out.. all the gibberish stuff that occurs in a dream.

Moments later, I left my room, walked through a lounge. The couch was directly opposite my bedroom door, probably about 4-5 steps away. To my left was the exit. I headed there, passing through the kitchen, which was few steps from the lounge. On my right, was the fridge and on the right side of the door that leads outside was the kitchen sink.

Spiritual venue

Then the scene changes… I was outside where the meeting was held. I was approaching a picnic table—you know the round ones with bench attached to the rounded table.. in that middle of that table a hole, where we normally place them beach umbrella types.

As, I approached towards the table, there were 2 people sitting facing their backs towards me. They were on my left side. Opposite them were my parents. Yes my, mum and dad, but I could not see my dad, only mum.. but as the story goes. Mum and dad was sitting opposite these two people, only no visuals of dad! Now we know my dad and I don’t talk as I have cut him off my life about 1 year ago. I walked around my parents to find a vacant seat—basically a seat available on this round table between my parents and these couple….only suddenly, as I walked closer, someone else was sitting there. The person who rang me, whom I wondered why she didn’t bother knocking on the door but instead made a phone call from the other side of my bedroom door. She was my aunt Vicky.

As I checked who the couple were—they were Jobelles’ parents. Jobelles’ mum, and Jobelles’ dad, who I know passed away some years ago. In this dream though, he was there.

Oddly enough, he had moustache. That’s not the odd part. It was because, Jobelles’ father, looked like my ex-wife-Leah’s best friends dad! Who also happens to be one of our godfather for our wedding!

Without words, or gestures, both Jobelles’ parents told me—not my parents or my aunty but just me, that they would like to fix this. They prefer me over him. No words were spoken here. It’s as if it’s done telepathically and only said to me. At this point Jobelle and Jim just came out from the house to join us.

When I looked up to them approaching us, the surrounding suddenly became familiar. It was the back exit of our house in Philippines. The meeting place, where the rounded picnic table was at, where the burial tomb of my late brother. His casket wasn’t buried under ground, but rather, on top of the ground, enclosed by hollow blocks and then decorated by marble stone with a colourbond type roofing and a bench along both sides of the long side of the casket (from head to toe) and an miniature altar above his head.

This was the meeting place? The burial tomb was replaced by a picnic table?

Appearance of loved ones

Then all of a sudden, I had a plastic bag full of rubbish, that I needed to throw away. Conveniently, the big tip bin, was just behind my aunty. I went to throw the rubbish in the bin.

As I threw the rubbish in the bin, I started talking—my little brother appeared in the scene, he was just suddenly there. I was talking to him. Everyone around that table looked at me confusedly, they all wondered who I was talking to. There, I thought, they thought I was going insane, like most people would think when you are talking to an empty space. Strangely enough, they weren’t thinking of that. Instead, they were more curious who I was talking to. I did not reply to them and kept talking to my brother Archie—who passed away at 18 months old.

It was more of a brotherly parenting talk. He was playful and cheeky as all toddlers are. I was trying to get him to behave. He reminded me. Those cheeky big smiles. He sometimes smirks. After finally grabbing his attention and we got us talking I asked him.

What are you doing here? He just smiles. My curiosity grew and asked few more questions. Are you looking out for me? He smiles. Is there something about to happen to me or around me?

He did not smile but did ignored me and walked on doing his toddler cheeky things. I asked him, he should be grown up by now, that he should show me his true self. And he did. I saw, a galaxy but looking through a big mirror or a window, all boxed in. I understood then, why he chose an image that I would recognise instead of a galaxy of space—black, sprinkled with stars everywhere.

I noticed. Another figure came through, no face at first. Then an unrecognisable face. But looked sad, more towards depressed sad as I sensed. I asked my brother Archie, who’s that with you?

He replied, your first born. I explored deeper. My first born? Why does he look so sad? Oh and it’s a boy? My unborn is a boy? Kuya (a Filipino word for big brother), Archie replies, he’s sad because he doesn’t know his name. He’s confused because he doesn’t know what to call himself. I said to Archie, I can fix that. We can give him a name.

I called Leah and said. Remember the child we almost had? If he was boy, what would you name him? On the other side of the phone, I could see Leah, being apprehensive about the phone call. She did not like me calling her at all, let alone asking about our almost first born child. I continued, if we were to give him a name anyway, what name would like. A name that is created from love as we did with our kids. Oh and whilst I’m at it, why don’t you ask our kids. Ask them what name would they like to call their eldest brother if he was alive.

During this phone call, Archie and my unborn were next to each other. Archie comforting him. At the same time, they both were telling me about my medication—but without saying a word. Almost like sensing it with feelings.

Mykhe. Without words being spoken, like it was done telepathically, Mykhe was the name—to be consistent with the kids name, Kiahra, Kayhla, Jaehryn and Tahnee. I called out to Mykhe and said that is your name. Mykhe. At that moment, a bright light, a gateway opens from behind him. I was in disbelief! I asked him. I asked Mykhe. Is this even real? I thought these only happens in the movies? Mykhe looked at me and just smiled. I can see the window narrowing. It was slowly closing. I did not want Mykhe to miss it and so, I told him to go to it. But before he does that. I told him that his mother and I loves him, even though we never seen him nor did we get the chance to. I’ve also asked him to say goodbye to his mother first before taking off. Mykhe replied with, Dad you can tell mum.

…after thought

It was at that moment, that I was woken up and I tried to remember as much as I could, tried to ask so many questions, like what does this mean? Why am I dreaming this? What haven’t I done yet? What am I supposed to do. All these, whilst I’m half awake. And what about the medicine? What medicine, then it dawned on me. Shit! My medicines, the three tablets, I haven’t taken them yet!

From there, I was wide awake. As if I slept for about 10 hours. But really, it was only 2 hours. I haven’t slept since. I tried but I am too wide awake for sleep.

At no point, in this dream, where I felt fear, depressed, alone or betrayal. It’s actually the opposite. This dream was some what full filling. It is as if, the answers to my prayers, whatever that will be has been answered. I felt that everything will be alright. It will be fixed soon. Everything will be alright.

I will be OK…

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