Hosting a party as a living in Australia

I like the idea of hosting a themed party as way to make a living or at least add another source if income in this Australian environment where it can be really costly to live.

My niece recently celebrated her birthday. Normally birthdays for average Australians like us with very limited budgets are all about going to a house and fire up the barbie—that’s having a BBQ by the way. This can be so much work and with our life styles here, we don’t have the time with our busy schedules. It also doesn’t help when we have grown to be children who are not so much socially active.

My sister, saw an advertisement on the local newspaper for a hosting party as business. What they do in this particular case, is this. They run a business catering for kids. Appropriately named Kids kitchen rules. All we had to do was find a location and the bring the people with us and they will take care of everything else. This is a sound investment, I think. Our lifestyles are so busy, that it was nice that somebody else can organise all these for us.

Photo by: Jeff Kubina | Licence: Creative Commons (Feb. 6, 2012)

This was a cooking class. I know, cooking right? What a bore! But you know the kids enjoyed it! It was a nice activity for them. It taught them a little bit about what goes on in the kitchen and making their own food. The kids had a great time, making a bit of mess here and there and actually making their own food and eat it afterwards.

What I like about it the most is this, what they made was not something extravagant or hard to do at all. It was a simple INSERT MENU HERE. You don’t need to have an expertise of a chef to be able to do this. It is a simple business for a few hours activities for the kids and the kids will have a great time. At the same time make money out of it.

This is a normal business though, and as business owner, you really need to get your branding out there. In this case, our host in our view was not as organised as we would like them to be. They came late, and was not ready for the windy day that challenged them. They didn’t own their own equipment and had to hire a portable stove. On a normal sunny day without the winds, this would have worked really well. But it was windy that day. The portable stove they brought with them even when the all the fire are on high, wasn’t cooking properly because the wind was simply a hindrance.

But all in all though, I love this idea as a business model for kids. Simple, and won’t be costly to start up as business. Unlike the one that I got myself involved in, running a bistro which failed badly, but that’s because of the people I was working with.

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