My Home In Dinner Plains, Victoria

For the next 10 days or so, this will be my home. I just got here at Mt. Hotham in Victoria to help a brother of mine set up his restaurant.

I was asked to do the photography for him and I happily accepted. I am a photographic enthusiast, and who wouldn’t take advantage of this great opportunity?

Leading up to this trip, I go my car serviced and also bought a 50mm macro lens. I am eventually going into food photography and from what I have read, a 50mm macro lens is one of the lens that food photographers use. So I bought one.

Mt. Hathom is in the state of Victoria. As I live in Sydney, that means, I have to drive down south along the Hume Highway. I knew one of my stops will be at the border between NSW and Victoria. I opted to go and stop at Wodonga and have a bit to eat there as well.

000087-My-Home-In-Dinner-Plains- Victoria

The drive towards Wodonga from Sydney was very easy, drive along Hume Highway which you can’t miss and simply keep driving. Once I hit Wodonga, I made contact to my bro just to let him know in close by. He gave me instructions from here on end on how to get to Mt. Hathom. Mind you, I never searched on google maps on how to get her thoroughly. Just a general idea.

I also knew that when I get close to my destination, then I’d hit with getting lost. A navigational map would have been helpful, but I have never owned one and have no intention of getting one. I have never had a need for one and I have survived without it.

This drive though, I wished I had one. I got lost so many times after reaching Wodonga. Voltaire tells me to follow to Beechworth and from there give him a call. I heard him say something about route ending in 377 and along the way, I saw it and turned into it.

I had this hunch I was way off and so I rang him again and he too had no clue where I was, and he tells me I need to get right into Beechworth as he instructed the first time. So I started driving back where I came and of course, the more I got lost. At this point, my petrol was three quarters full. I re-filled my petrol at Wodonga and since then, I have literally been driving near it. I thought the best action for me was to go back to Wodonga and start over. This was another 60kms drive!

Meanwhile, I received a text message from Voltaire and what to look for. I followed those directions and when I hit a town, I would stop and ask. I was worried because, I can see there’s not much petrol stations around and it was getting later into the night where shops won’t be open.

Trust me, petrol stations are so far away. From where we are, the closest is about 50 kilometres away!

I sometimes think that I should really invest on a navigation system. But really, I haven’t had any use for it, until this drive.

After getting lost and all, finally, I am here at Dinner Plains, Mt. Hathom Victoria. For now, a little rest but eventually, a bit work and into photography.