Fairfield City Farm

It’s been a while since we’ve been to Fairfield City Farm. Maybe it’s time to go back there and revisit it. After all, it is just around the corner from us. Well, from where I used to live anyway.

The reason, I don’t think much about this great attraction, is that I grew up in the provinces of Philippines. Farm animals are just everywhere and for us then, it was basically, normal to see various types of farm animals.

Now, as a Filipino living in Australia, and living in the city, well, suburbs anyway. You don’t see farm animals roaming around much, if any even. This makes our kids, somewhat ignorant to the existence of farm animals. As a parent, like myself, I would like to expose my kids to experience variety of life. So having this tourist attraction right next to our doorstep is really is a luxurious. I mean, we don’t have to travel miles away to the country side to experience this or go to the zoo, which is miles away anyway. It’s far more interesting here. You get to pat the animals too and really get up close.


The last time we went to Fairfield City Farm was a number of years ago and I don’t know what has changed since then. Back in 2009 though, the owners, Western Sydney Regional Parklands Trust was looking for somebody to take over. It was closed down at some point because late March 2010, it was re-opened again under a new management.

One thing for sure, though. The experiences that you would gain from Fairfield City Farm as opposed to zoos and what not are totally different. It’s unique experience. You get to milk the cows, hold the animals (the ones that you are allowed to anyway). It felt for us when we went there last, it was as if we were part of the whole experience and not just watching.

As I think about taking the kids to Fairfield City Farm again, my kids mother tells me that they do go there for school excursions. Knowing the kids and all, I think those school visits would be enough. They may even enjoy it more with their school friends, than their parents!


Activities that you may want to see whilst you are at Fairfield City Farm are;

Dog show. You can watch a trained dog follow instructions, like you see in normal dog shows. But in particular, watch how the dog her the sheep together!

Cow milking. Try milking a cow yet? Know even how to? I don’t. I didn’t pay attention to the speaker when he told us how to milk a cow. But after the talk though, they would let you milk a cow. I tried to get my kids to participate instead of me. After all, things we do these days as parents are all for the kids.

Tractor rides. The ride takes you around the park. Of course they will also talk about the park, how much it covers and what they do and stuff.

Animal patting. I don’t remember this. Could it be the one that was in the barn? It must be. There’s a barn there, where we freely roamed around with the farm animals. Literally, inside their stables – if you call it that.

Whip show. This part is interesting. You get to learn how to use whips. They even tell you where that scary whip sound comes from.

Koala show. It’s been that long that I didn’t remember this. But koala shows are normally all about Koals.. 🙂

How to contact Fairfield City Farm

If you want to visit the farm, this is where you’ll find them (see below). Oh, and if you want to know how to get there, click on the link below too! It will take you to google maps.

31 Darling Street, Abbotsbury NSW 2176
website: calmsleyhill.com.au
Phone: (02) 9823 3222

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