Dodgy Call Centre in Philippines

Filipinos abroad has a reputation for being great workers. It mainly because we know how hard life is like in the Philippines. So we cherish what as Filipino overseas workers, or immigrants by working hard and also smart. Some of course will ruin our Filipino reputation as hard worker and being honest. That’s just facts of life and human nature. But for the most part, we are hard working folks and are widely recognised and respected for being that. Thanks to folks like myself and a lot more Filipinos out there, who are honest and works hard to make a living.

These days, though, many companies are cutting costs to save money or increase profits. As such, many jobs are being sent off shore. Away from Australia. Philippines is one of the countries where call centre jobs are abundant because we speak English.

What’s embarrassing though, is that our Filipino branding at the moment has been tarnished because of dodgy call centre operator. This could be an individual doing this or the whole company. But most likely, just a crook individual. I have met one of those right here in Australia, when I ventured out on business that flopped, well before it started. That was partially my fault too, because I saw the signs and still went ahead with it. Lesson learned.

This video below though, is segment on a current affair show and it talked about a Telstra call centre operator (who is based in Philippines), trying to make deals with people who have debts by wiping out their debts, if they are paid in cash. That is do dodgy and shames us all who lives abroad! Watch the video below.

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  1. francis says:

    the video doesn’t play…

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