Dining In Our Bistro

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After we ordered our meals, I pulled out my wallet to pay for the meals. Their Lolo paid most of it and I just paid what was remaining. Kiahra was stunned by that, she was so sure that because we own it that we don’t have to pay. So I explained to here that even though we don’t really have to, it’s a good practice we pay for what we buy.

Our chefs had an audience this day, when the food was being prepared and cooked for us, our three kids wanted to see how it was done. So, I’ve allowed them to see the kitchen and had them watch from a distance how things were done around here. We had 5 orders all together, but only two dishes. Leah loves her steaks and so does dad. I knew I was going to order the steak anyway. The kids had their normal pasta. I didn’t take photos of the food today because I am going to take a proper one soon. So I don’t have any to show.

000004-dining-in-our-bistroAfter we ate, the kids wanted to play some pool. I’m sure they’ve seen the pool tables before. But I am also sure they have never touched one physically. As a parent, I want my kids to experience new things. This was a good opportunity for them. I pulled a two dollar coin from my pocket so we can put it in to retrieve the balls. But today, the pool tables are free because there was a pool competition the night before I think and the timer has not reset itself yet. Leah and I showed our kids how to hold the sticks and how to hit the balls, before we left them to experience playing for a little bit.

When they were done, the next things they did was went back to the kitchen and watch our chef do his work—god bless those little souls, it was quite entertaining watching them in excitement that they can could go inside and out of the kitchen as they please.

Our bar staff Nicole was had smiles on her face too whilst we were there. She noticed how free spirited our three kids were. She was enjoying how the kids were just being kids, filled with curiosity and were able to talk to her and play jokes. I think her joy was more to do with our way we raise our kids—that is we allow our kids to explore their worlds without restrictions (within reason of course) unlike many parents.

We had an entertaining afternoon this day, watching our kids enjoy themselves in a new environment. Just before heading back home so they can prepare themselves for a party at one of their cousins house! What a Saturday they have

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