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How much does it cost to go to Australia and get a dental treatment? A lot! Even the basic dental treatment can cost you a bit of money, such as teeth-filling, a teeth-cleaning.

This is why so many go to Philippines for dental care to clean their teeth, do some fillings and perhaps more. Us Filipinos who are living in Australia or other parts of the world would know this. Chances are, if there are no urgency to get some dental services, we would wait until we return to Philippines.

That’s exactly what I did. Knowing that it costs a fair bit of money to get a tooth done here in Australia and also knowing that one day, I will be visiting Philippines again. This time, I made sure that I did visit and saw a dentist. I know it will not cost me a lot of money.

Cost of Dental Care in Australia


For this part of the blog, I am only talking about basic needs such as teeth-filling and teeth-cleaning. I yet to explore the other more serious dental treatment such as root canal or even more serious.

The cost of cleaning your teeth here in Australia can set you back about $100-$150. Tooth-filling about $200—but it also depends on how big the hole is, that is how much filling they need to fill in will determine your final costs.

In United States of America, they too have similar pricing—so I read from ex-pats who are living in Philippines and also those who frequent Philippines. They all tell similar stories—that going to the dentist in their native country is expensive. They would rather come to Philippines and get their teeth done there whilst in Philippines.

Cost of Dental Care in Philippines

Filling about 1,000 pesos. Teeth cleaning about 500 pesos (usually their minimal charge anyway). That sounds a lot right? But wait…the conversion rate! Remember we are talking dollar to pesos here. At the time of my visit the exchange rate was at AUD$1=PHP45.00. This equates to – Tooth cleaning and refill about 22 dollars and teeth cleaning (that’s all of your teeth) only about 11 dollars only! Bloody cheap I tell ya!

You Get What You Paid For

Indeed you do. I yet to hear of any complaints that their fillings have cracked in a very short time. It’s actually the opposite. Some reports that they have had their fillings for a considerate amount of time and still has not cracked. Some say they that their fillings outlasted the ones that were done here in Australia.

I haven’t come across with those yet with my fillings. I tend to crack the fillings on my teeth within a 6 year period. Be it done here in Australia or in Philippines.

Think About the Dentists When You Visit Philippines Next

If you are a somebody returning back to Philippines or going there for the first time. You might want to consider seeing a dentist on your last leg of trip—or earlier—you wouldn’t want the pain and suffering of going there every single day…and guess who did that for not looking after their teeth properly in the first place! (Travel From Australia to Philippines To See a Dentist?)

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