Cray Fish Pool


There are many tourist places to go to here in Australia. I am a Filipino living in Australia – Sydney to be exact and there are loads of places I yet to see. Unlike major tourist attractions though, I like going through places that are quite uncommon to reach. For instance, Crayfish Poll at the lower end of the Blue Mountains. This local attraction is a bit of a hidden gem.

To come here, you need to go through the Nepean National Park—pay your entry fee of $7 per car and make your way few kilometres into a dirt road. It’s called just that because it is not cemented. Fortunately, a sedan like mine can get through it—no 4 wheel vehicles required. Although I remember going to a similar place near here that a 4 wheel vehicle would have been perfect. My sedan made it but one would question how did I manage to get there without breaking my car!

As I said earlier, I am one of those folks who is interested in photography and as such, we tend to go places where some are not willing to go just to take a photo. At the same time though, it’s a good hike for those who are not fit—though this is not a leisure walk either!

Crayfish Pool as it is called—don’t know why it’s called that, is a bit hard to get to. Once you get into the National Park off Glenbrook and after paying your entry fee, you need to drive about 9kms before making a a right turn. From there, you need to drive another 3kms or so. Mind you it is an unsigned trek. The landmark that you need to find is a parking lot. Yes, a parking station—a small one at that, which maybe fits in 5 maximum cars maybe? Either way it is unsigned and as you drive through, you will see spaces that you think is a car park but it actually isn’t. These were my experiences I drove. What I saw was a definite car park though, I pulled over and park the car just to scout just in case I missed it. Fortunately for us we were at the right place!

The walk took about 1.5-2hrs to get there and it wasn’t easy. The trail can be misleading as often times you see what looked to be a trail when it actually isn’t. There are some arrows though thankfully that leads you to the right path. These arrows are placed wisely. Those times that my friend and I got lost? Yup…. those were the arrows that we missed.

Crayfish pool might not be ideal for most, but if you happen to go there. Come during summer time. The pool itself is OK for swimming For us though, there was no chance of that, we went early in the morning and during autumn—yes, autumn here especially late autumn can be cold!