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Looking For Winter School Holiday Sydney Event With Your Kids?

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Being a parent is tough enough. What more when you are an average parent and financial resources are limited—where you can’t just take your kids out for a day without spending a truck load of money? And it’s school holidays—where you want your kids out doors to enjoy and experience… Read more »

Discover Dinner Plain – Victoria

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A couple of months ago, I was in Dinner Plain in Victoria. It’s the snowy part of the Victorian. It’s a high Alpine country along Great Alpine road. The only reason that I know of this place is because my bro is a co-owner of a restaurant called Tsubo restaurant,… Read more »

Valley That Is Called Wisemans Ferry

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There were a few of us and it was decided that Watkins Farm was the destination. A fruit farm open to the public so we could pick our own fruit. Mandarins, straight from the trees. At first, I didn’t know where this place was, but that did not bother me…. Read more »

Cabramatta Truly Asian

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All things Asian can be found in Cabramatta. I call it the Asian city of Sydney. It’s much like China town in Sydney. It’s largely Vietnamese populated area though and that’s because of history. I feel much more at home and seems to have more variety. What I love about… Read more »

Western Regional Park Dangerous

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Recently, I read a news article where, I woman was walking her dog and was bitten by a brown snake at Western Regional Park. The dog apparently caught the brown snake and the owner tried to take it off the dog and that’s when she was bitten by the snake…. Read more »

Road Trip To Dinner Plain Victoria

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I am back here at Dinner Plain, Victoria to help out my brother set up Tsubo restaurant— a business he and his business partner purchased last year. It’s a Japanese restaurant and it was started by a guy called Hamish many moon years ago and my bro, continued the theme…. Read more »

Bents Basin State Conservation Area

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Do you like this image? You can purchase this photo as poster, greeting cards and more! Click here to view more details Bents Basin State Conservation Area.This is a tourist destination that is near/close the Sydney area. Give or take about 50kms or so from Sydney, or about 25km from… Read more »

Cray Fish Pool

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There are many tourist places to go to here in Australia. I am a Filipino living in Australia – Sydney to be exact and there are loads of places I yet to see. Unlike major tourist attractions though, I like going through places that are quite uncommon to reach. For… Read more »

I Went To The Spiritual World

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Last night, I had a dream. I wouldn’t normally share dreams for public consumption—though many times I share my dreams to selected few so I could make sense of it all. Many of my dreams somehow comes true—sometime in the future, it could be months or sometime years away. Of… Read more »