Are Your Business Partners Lying or Deceiving You?

This blog is Part 2 of the Are Your Business Partners Lying or Deceiving You blogs.
I worked with two other business partners and most of my issues fall on one person John (not his real name). The other is Steve (not his real name) I don’t really have much problems with. There’s only one thing that I’ll say about him, so I will go ahead and write it before I continue with the main culprit.

Myself and Steve (not his real name) were in discussion about the business being closed down. There was also a matter of payment owed to our staff Skye. Skye was owed about $1,400 of wages which he never got. Steve did not want to pay Skye his entitlements and sought advise from me. I told Steve that if I was in his position, I will pay out the money because it’s the honest thing to do and it is the right thing to do. He stressed out that his accountant told him he doesn’t have to pay anybody because the business is at loss already and we are closing it down. The only advise I gave him was that, if he can tolerate the fact that he is about the screw somebody around and loose face. Which he replied , he has got no problem with it. Skye didn’t get paid.

What could Skye do? He could go and appeal it to I think Industrial Relations and get his money this way—but he wouldn’t know that there would be a service like this—until now after he reads this part of the blog. If he does so choose to go this path, he would know that there is only one person that’s going to get affected—it will be me. Skye and I are in good terms and he knows I too got shafted and my reputation tarnished by this venture that I am hoping after he reads this he will take no further action. He has let go the fact that he wasn’t going to get paid by Steve and also will not entertain anything to do with this company. He does have choice if he really wants to though, it is his option. I’m just hoping he won’t, because the company name is registered to my name. Legally, I am the only person the he can pursue and get his entitlements. Double whammy screwy for me!

2011-07-09 - are your-partners-deceiving-you-part-2-Dishonest-and-deceitful-operators

Moving on to the main culprit. John (not his real name) in my view is one of the most dishonest persons there is! In fact I called him a shifty person to which he detested so much that I got hassled over the phone and hounded why I said that. We were talking briefly about money issues and the way the conversation went he was pointing fingers to other people and mouthing off how the others are not honest and were not doing what they said they would do. I had enough of it because none of these would have happened if John did what he was meant to do in the first place. So I told him he’s so shifty!

Paying the painter—before we started operating we had some painting done. I heard John tell me how the painting was worth over AUD$2,000.00 but the painter agreed for AUD$1,000.00 provided we supply the painting. When I visited the bistro, I saw the painter and John and his wife talking to the painter. John arguing to our painter telling him that he quoted him $1,000.00 only for the whole job. I told John what he told me and denied it at first then later tells me he had to do it otherwise our business won’t. Why the heck did we start it in the first place if the financial planning was not done right? I’m as much to blame because I didn’t crunch my own numbers and relied on him!

Motivating The Air-brush Painter—We had an air-brush painter—the ones that does the graffiti. He was told that his work will be on newspaper. I’m the one who got hassled by this guy, always asking if he really is going to be in the papers. When are they going to take the photos. Then I heard that I will be taking the photos and it will be sent to the papers.

So, I confronted John who says, that’s what his contact says. I asked him for the details so I can speak to this newspaper contact friend of his so that I can get a clear answer and know what to do. All I got was either I’ll give it to you later or it was his contact and leave it to him. Yeah, right! Add to that he did mention he said that so that he would be motivated to do his work because he’s already getting peanuts!

My name got a bad reputation out of this. The painter emailed me and even queried that if “indeed in fact you took some photos” where his words! So I sent him the link to all the photos I’ve taken.

Tell me that wasn’t shifty? Tell me that was not dishonest or deceiving? Yet John has the audacity to confront me and tell me he is not shifty and he does not like being called one.

Funding of Capital—I stressed to John regarding I really don’t have money to venture into anything. He told me that’s OK, he’ll lend me some money and pay him back in six months. The closer we got to our opening day, I get asked numerous times about the money, where’s your money? I kept telling him I don’t have any but I got fed up with him hounding me for it so I told him I will use my credit card.

What really troubles me about this is that when I confronted John how he knew I wanted to get into business but was not ready not ready in many phases including money and that I did not appreciate him hounding me for money full knowing I don’t have one. He actually denied it and said to me that I agreed to use my credit card!


Terminating of Staff—My business plan had only 1 staff and the rest of us owners needs to work the business. When we operated we had a total of five employees! I had no intention of hiring these people and have never met them until that day.

What’s happened was, that these people that I now have was promised by John of employment at our bistro. The problem is there were no vacancy in the first place.

What made it worse was that, I was the bearer of bad news—which means I had to tell them there was no work available. The people that I just fired now were calling me or Steve and were seeking reasons why they were no longer employed—what was it that we didn’t like about them because apparently John told them we didn’t like how they spoke to the patrons. I never said such a thing!

Steve did mention that he did not like how one the ladies answered her phone calls but did not mind it because it was a personal call not a business call. This got to her and apparently the reason she got terminated. This is just wrong all wrong!

Little did I know that the real reason for all this. When I told them there was no work available. They all turned around to me and said that they got fired which means they could no longer work at the bistro that I am in at and at the other business that John already had. Wait.. the other cafe? I told them there was never a position at the bistro and the Cafe is totally separate from the bistro. They need to take it up to John not me.

The grief I have with this one is that I got used to do somebody else dirty work! So SHIFTY!

Lies And More Lies

Our first Sunday at this bistro we all came in about 10am for our shifts. The club was closed. We tried calling the Licensee of the club but we could not raise him. John instead called the owner of the club and we were open.
The licensee of the club was furious. So furious you can hear him swear till the next country and in front of patrons! He wasn’t swearing at me but I was the one there. Apparently he got told there was 11 people being booked for us from John. He knew and saw through these lies. I knew it was a load of bull as well.

I told John, he better come down and see the licensee as this was just totally wrong. I advised him to apologise to him and simply take up his the arse. But you know what? After he apologised and got some telling off. John went went off to his usual ways of saying I had bookings ready, I had all these people WAITING for lunch at 11am and instead of just shutting up he mouthed off. There was nobody waiting there at 11am. I was there!

There are a few more rants from me about this person but this blog is way getting too big. One thing is for sure. I’m just to blame for this disaster being a newbie and was welcoming mat to all of these thieving activities!

Am I Any Better?

Ah. No. Remember at the beginning of this article when I wrote, that my gut feeling was telling me this is not a good deal yet I went ahead with it? Well, again I am aware of all these and I did nothing, which makes me as much culprit as anybody. In fact, I’m probably the most gutless one there is for not speaking up. All these kerfuffle and my gut telling me these are all wrong. No. no. no. I did nothing!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me—is an idiomatic expression which means learn your mistakes and don’t get screwed all over again. The funny thing is I knew all along this would happen and I let it happen. So Fool me once, shame on me! Fool me twice—really when will I ever learn the lesson! I surely hope this is the last for I have been a welcoming mat for years that past.

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