Does Burqa Have a Place In Australia

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The topic Islam—especially some of their belief systems here in Australia is a sensitive for many years—no doubt this will be a sensitive topic anywhere you go. I don’t see this going away any time soon. In recent weeks there has been few news that sprung. It is about Islam here in Australia—but more so with a burqa-or the previous topic that came out-the sharia law. I am Christian and this is Australia—a Christian country. You know I will be Christianity and because this is Australia, you know by now that I am on the other side of this debate-the pro-christian side.

Whilst my knowledge of Christianity is only on the surface level—being Christian and all, that will surely tell you that I barely know the Islam side of things and other religions—other than what I read on the news, the internet and third hand stories heard from people I have met.

Australia is a Christian country—that is our core value—accept it. Christians living in an Islam core valued country needs to do the same—accept that it is the core value—or move to a country that is in sync with their core beliefs—this goes for everybody.

Christianity is the heart of Australia

Regardless of how multi-cultural we are, Christianity is the core value of Australia. It has been that way for generations and for people like myself who is Christian, hopes it stays that way for eternity.

I came to Australia barely breaking into the double digit age. It was not my choice but here I am and proudly accept the Australian way of life—Filipino-Australian living that is.

Christianity is the only way of life I know. Australia is Christian and so we are already in sync before moving to Australia—all we had to do was to adjust to the norms of life here and likewise those people around us to accept us from where we came from.

Our associations to Christianity goes all the way back to our Queen—in England who also happens to have Christian values. Mother England has long standing with Christianity. So as you can see Christianity is deep rooted in our systems.

Migrate and assimilate

When people migrate is because they want a different way of life. So people migrate to places like Australia to have a better life, but often falls back into our comfort zones—our old way of life. These are some of the issues we face today. Instead of assimilating into the Australian culture-we bring our own and live in the same way. So why migrate at all? If you migrated and is living the way you do back home-life here could be a struggle with all the differences of our cultures. We can’t. We need to assimilate.

I was born in Kidapawan City, Philippines and my physical appearance is in no way resembles a white Australian. I am a Filipino-Australian. But I live my life almost like an Australian. But really neither am I Australian or Filipino. Hence we call ourselves Filipino-Australian. We have assimilated, accepting the values we hold true here and blended to fit in the Australian culture. As a migrant, this is our job. Migrate, blend and accept the culture or not migrate at all, or find a country to suit our liking (and still you have to blend in!). But not change it because we have a pre-defined beliefs that isn’t supported by the country—any country.

Christians changing the rules on Arab worlds

Let’s think for a moment, our brothers and sisters who are living in Arab worlds. I may stand corrected but I read sometimes that people are being punished for talking about Christianity—they are merely talking and not preaching! They would get lashes for it. Do we do that here? NO we don’t. It’s called freedom. It is embedded deep in our Australian culture. Let’s keep it that way. Just think what would happen if Christianity tries to change the rules on a Muslim country. If we talk about Christianity and there are reports they are being lashed for it what more if more deep rooted norms are being challenged and changed (just like what they are doing here now). We are Christian country—let’s leave it that way. Blend into it. It is our job. At the same time we don’t accept being bullied as well.

Before you share your thoughts

What I just wrote is a very small part of the issues that Australian’s are facing. It is written this way because I have no deep connection in this subject. My thoughts are purely in perspective of accepting Australia for what it has to offer and not change it for the minority because it is in their belief system.

No, I don’t want to rate the women as second class people—where they need a guardian for provide permission, that are not allowed to drive and heck not be educated as some Islam countries women can’t read! They are equal in my eyes. No. I don’t want Sharia Laws installed in Australia. No burqa’s either, I would love to see your face thanks. If I wanted an Islam based laws, I would move to a country that provides one. Not in in Australia thanks. We love it here because of the core values that are deeply rooted in our culture. Don’t change it. Keep it the way it is.

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