Bents Basin State Conservation Area

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Bents Basin State Conservation Area.This is a tourist destination that is near/close the Sydney area. Give or take about 50kms or so from Sydney, or about 25km from Penrith.

It has deep natural waterhole as this is the end of the Gulger Gorge on the Nepean River. It’s great for swimming as it is all naturale!

It is a camping ground where you can use a caravan, trailer or your tent. If you are thinking of visiting this place. You’ll need a car. Yes, a car. You can take a 4×4 drive, but it is a sealed road – but you’re more than welcome take whatever mode of private transportation that you have, because there’s no public transportation. This area is isolated area in Sydney. When I drove through it, it was all bushes, farms and then haven

A colleague at work – very knowledgeable when it comes to locations brought up the idea that I should go and check out Bents Basin, Greendale. This is near the Warragamba Dam in Sydney. And so I did. It took about one hour to get there. Paid $7.00 for the park entry and spent my day or afternoon there (not sure how long I stayed there but a good few hours).

I found this place quite relaxing. It’s close to Sydney and I’m sure others will enjoy. Considering how close it is to Sydney, I think it would be a good place to visit and relax a little—especially knowing how fast Sydney is. I have left few links for more information if you guys wants to go and visit.

Additional Information:

Site: Bents Basin State Conservation Area
Address: Wolstenholme Avenue, Off Greendale Road, Greendale NSW 2745, Australia‎

Contact: (02) 4774 8662

More or less this is more of an HDR shot. I have taken different exposures and blend them all in, like you would in an HDR photography. What I did though, was post processed even more. There were series of shots taken to get that dynamic range. I wanted to see the textures of the three and not just more or less a silhouette of it.. For that to happen I needed at least 3 exposures (in this case and Canon that I use you only get 3 exposures – unless I do the shots manually).