Australian Visa Consider Before Applying

There are various types of Australian visas to suit different needs when you think about applying for an Australian visa. Each of these visas serves different purposes, and because of that, you need to be careful and really know what it is you want to do before applying. If you apply for a wrong type of visa, you could get yourself into trouble if you get caught breaching that visa. Not all visas are the same. It could also be financially expensive for you, because some visas requires some non refundable application fees. So you really have to think about what it is that you would like to do.

This website can’t cover this broad topic—not only because I don’t have the expertise to it, but also because there are loads of information on the government website that is far more descriptive than I can give you. More about Australian visas can be read at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website. A very useful source of information.

Commonly though, these are what most of us will be looking for.

Work visa

If you are intending to work in Australia, but isn’t really seeking permanent residency, this is the normal visa channel that you will go under. But it will not be that simple though. This will be the 457 type visa.

Unskilled If you don’t have any qualifications at all. Like you don’t have any degrees, you will most likely be labelled as unskilled. There’s not much hope for you here.

Skilled. If you have a degree under your belt, your chances of gaining employment here in Australia increases, but at the same time, it will not guarantee you entry. Australia has has enough people in the work force and we are really looking for people who are skilled in an industry that we have a shortage of. Currently we are short in medical field—this has been on going for a long time and we still are short staffed!

Having some sort of qualification and skills though still may not get you in. We have a tight requirements, only because, the Australian government would want somebody who can somehow make some valuable contribution to the country. We have enough common people here, such as myself.

Sponsored jobs

Many folks who gains entry to Australia will be sponsored by companies, under the 457 visa. This is great in a way, that you know, when you enter Australia, you have a guaranteed job. The fall back though, is people would most likely sponsor you if you have a skill that none of us in Australia can fill in.

Philippines has an abundant nursing graduates. Australia is short of nurses. If you are a graduate, and have been working in the industry, you could try and get in through this. You have have to do a bridging course though. This course will be about 3 months worth of extra study. Australia, uses the British system and Philippines uses American. So, the practices might just be different with these two systems.

Student visa

Australia has great education system. I think so anyway. If you are intending to study, this is the best visa for you.

Class attendance. Whilst under this visa, you are required to be enrolled in a recognised course and must attend class. There is a minimum class attendance requirement that you actually have to be in class! Don’t underestimate this one. If you fail the minimum requirement, the institute is obligated to report you and you could be deported. In 2011 there were a fair bit of student visa cancellations, because students were failing to attend class and all sorts of beaches.

Working student. The good thing is, you are allowed to work. A maximum of 20 hours is allowable.

Visitors visa (48R)

This is very straight forward. You want to take a look of Australia, visit friends, relatives? Sight seeing….holidaying? Visitors visa is what you are after. This is one of the most easiest visas to obtain. A tourist visa.

You can not work. There is no such thing as work. You are not legally entitled to work under this visa. Basically you are here as our guest and your touring our great country.

Length of visa. Generally, you are allowed up to 6 months or so before you have to exit the country.

Over stayers. Don’t be mistaken though, Australia is getting more and more stricter handing out these tourist visas because people have a tendency to over stay. Usual, people have the intent to work in Australia even though, they are not legally allowed to.

There has been a lot of Filipinos and other countries abusing this system and these are the reasons why it is harder to obtain a visa.

If you are using an agency from Philippines, to assist you acquiring the right visa for you, at least have some informed knowledge of what types of visa you can get and do. Perhaps you just might be mislead. Don’t be one of them.

Permanent residency (309, 100)

You want to live in Australia and call this home yes? Permanent residency is what you are looking for. There are sets of requirements that you will need to attain first before you can be granted. There’s so much option here, and it’s even better if you have a family in Australia.

If you would like more comprehensive and accurate information please visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website and hopefully I can say G’DAY to you!

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