Australian Student Visa Cancellations

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So, you want to come to Australia through an Australian student visa—and study a course and also work some, so you can afford to live in Australia—because living in Australia isn’t cheap—unless of course you are one of those folks who are loaded.

Have you got your visa yet, or are already living in Australia? Yes? Then there’s something that you need to know. Keeping your visa can be difficult. Last October of 2011. I read on the papers that about 37% of Australian student Visa were cancelled—that’s a big number of percentage when you think about it.

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Why is there a big percentage of Australian Student Visa cancellations

There are a number of reasons why student visas are cancelled. The most common reasons are failure to attend class, failing subjects.

Failing To Attend Class

There is a high attendance rate for persons staying in Australia under the Australian student visa when you do go to school. The Australian government wants to make sure that when you do arrive in Australian under the student visa, that you would actually be attending school. The schools are obligated to report you if your attendance aren’t met.

Failing Subjects

If you fail enough subjects, this will also get your student visa cancelled . People who fail school would most likely be because of lifestyle and commitment. Living in Australia is not exactly cheap. You would often find, that you will have to work part time to cover your costs of living in Australia.

Many students would definitely, fall behind and possibly fail with their subjects. So, all of you students who are already in Australia studying and is under the Australian visa, take note! Do your best and keep up. You guys spend so much money here with all the courses you are doing. It would be a waste to throw them all away.

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