Australian Business Grants—Don’t Pay For It!

Are you like me who are looking for ways to boost your business by looking for Australian Business Grant ? Are you reading this article because you are searching for a way to get in touch with the people who you can talk to to solve your issues? Let me tell you something. DON’T PAY FOR IT!

I am in this same vote as you. I too am looking for a way to boost my business, I am out funds and the banks will not lend me any money because my business is just starting. Banks that I spoke to will tell you, that you need to be in business for two years before they can look into financing your needs.

Business Grant Information is FREE

All Business Grants Information are FREE! Don’t get sucked into websites that asks you for money so they can give you a grant business guideline. I started looking for grants to fund my new business to boost my financial needs to operate the business. I run a bistro in Campbelltown, NSW.

To give you a little bit of idea of how I got into this, allow me to tell you by giving you a summary or if you like, read the How I Got Into Business article. At the end of December in 2010 a business opportunity was presented. In summary all that we needed are there. The only thing we need to do is open and operate.

It really did sound too good to be true and why can’t it be? All the things that we need are there. So we got us organised, made business plans and operated. We have only been operating less than one month and already the company was in big trouble. Ultimately, we exited from the bistro, all because one partner was not doing what he was supposed to do and that is put his hours into the business as decided before we started operating. Our business plan was tight and there was not much margins for error and it so happens, this person who built the foundation was also the very same person who started chipping away that pillars of that foundation. He did not follow the business plan. Ultimately, we ended up buying him out and start all over again—with only the weekly sales as our main source. All our saved money was gone.

Banks Needs 2 years operation

As we got “burnt” by this individual, I had to look for other alternatives to seek out further funding. Anything except family as I don’t want to mix business with family from our current situation.

Banks will not grant us any loan because we are required to be operational for two years before they can start thinking about us. Our only other option so we can still stay open is to look at the possibility of acquiring Australian Business Grant or we close.

Independent Business Grant Websites

What I did was google search for Australian Business Grants and the first thing that came up are private entities that sell you a business guide booklet for a fee. They will claim that none of the governments will assist an individual as they just don’t have the time and as such that’s why these private entities exists to assist business owners. I tried going through the official government sites first and used their search functions to find business grants—I could not find one, mostly because government websites have so much information that it is almost like looking for a needle in a hay stack for people who are time constraint like me and also in a rush.

The option of paying a fee for a business guide to apply for an Australian Grant was more appealing to me given the slight desperation I am in. I paid my fees and got my guide few days later. The guideline of this book contains websites that you can go to and seek your business grant. I did just that and found that most of the things are not relevant to me. Remember during the conversation I have had to one of these private operators, there were a handful of questions asked before they told me to go and grab the business guide as it is worth it for a small fee.

There are some websites though that could apply to my situation and that is mainly about financial loans of which I started looking into and attempted to contact the relevant people. Through the exchanges of emails one of the emails that was sent through to me said that I should be wary of some websites that asks for money for the guide. He then further stressed out that all the information that I need are freely available online. It’s a bit late for that. I have been suckered into getting the guideline—with the phrase that went along the lines of—the government will not help you and this is the reason why we exist. This is totally false and misleading. The fact is government will help you. But you need to know where to seek help.

Business Grants Information are FREE Online

That’s right. They are free online if you know where to go and find it. Obviously I didn’t so I got caught by shelling out $249 of my hard earned dollars. Go to a website called This is the website you are after. Look for Grants & Assistance Finder on the right hand side of the menu. When you click on the link, it will take you to a flash page where you can make your selection. From then on, simply choose what is most relevant to you. Don’t worry there is a html/text version if you so choose to.
Just remember don’t pay money to get a Business Grant Information Guide. They are free and is available online. Check

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