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If you have relatives, friends or people you know in general who are in Philippines, one of the questions you would get asked—as I often enough get, is jobs in Australia. This question is often asked by folks from Philippines who are looking at becoming an OFW—Overseas Filipino Worker. How do you answer such a question? It is such a broad subject—that normal average person such as myself could really cover. Common sense too dictates that there is a lot of jobs available in Australia for skilled and unskilled workers—whether you can get the job or not is a different story. Being employed or your employability would depend on your previous work experience, skillets and qualification.

How can this blog assist you with finding jobs available in Australia? What I am writing in this blog is common knowledge to start you off in the right direction. Hopefully.

Use common sense

000034-Are-You-Looking-for-Job-In AustraliaAsking somebody like me about what jobs available in Australia is such a broad question to ask in the first place. Considering Australia is a developed country, there will be jobs for just about any skilled worker can have, even unskilled work, jobs are available in Australia. Some of the mainstream jobs, I can probably list and tell you about it, but there are better ways to find out what jobs are available in Australia.

Refine your search

It would be better if you think of what skills you have, what you have to offer or ask a specific question. Think of what type of work you are looking for, what type of work can you do—as in what experiences do you have to gain employment, what qualifications do you have right now will give you some indication on your competency against other job seekers.

Think too, would companies be prepared to hire you and spend money for appropriate visa and re-location?

Use a job site directory

People who ask me what kind of jobs available in Australia , I often tell them to go to a job site directory and look at job vacancies there such as; or You will find what type of work is available here in Australia. Browse by category or simply sift through until you get the general idea.

Use your search skills and initiative

Yet, the question comes back to me eventually…available jobs in Australia? Ugh! I often ask, have you checked the websites I gave last conversation? No, I did not get the chance to, is the common response I get. So please use your research skills and initiative and find out for yourself. The two website links above can give you all the answers you need—much, much more than I can help you with.

Use Philippine Agencies

Talk to overseas job agencies in Philippines. One third of the countries income comes from OFW—last check about 17 billion dollars—but I have to double check on that one for accuracy. So there will be agencies there who can tell you that jobs that are available here, or even help you get one. Again, use common sense and exercise caution though, because there will always be somebody who would want to rip you off. One thing is you need to know though is get appropriate passport/visa for it.

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