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If you have relatives, friends or people you know in general who are in Philippines, one of the questions you would get asked—as I often enough get, is jobs in Australia. This question is often asked by folks from Philippines who are looking at becoming an OFW—Overseas Filipino Worker. How do you answer such a question? It is such a broad subject—that normal average person such as myself could really cover. Common sense too dictates that there is a lot of jobs available in Australia for skilled and unskilled workers—whether you can get the job or not is a different story. Being employed or your employability would depend on your previous work experience, skillets and qualification.

How can this blog assist you with finding jobs available in Australia? What I am writing in this blog is common knowledge to start you off in the right direction. Hopefully.

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Use common sense

Asking somebody like me about what jobs available in Australia is such a broad question to ask in the first place. Considering Australia is a developed country, there will be jobs for just about any skilled worker can have, even unskilled work, jobs are available in Australia. Some of the mainstream jobs, I can probably list and tell you about it, but there are better ways to find out what jobs are available in Australia.

Refine your search

It would be better if you think of what skills you have, what you have to offer or ask a specific question. Think of what type of work you are looking for, what type of work can you do—as in what experiences do you have to gain employment, what qualifications do you have right now will give you some indication on your competency against other job seekers.

Think too, would companies be prepared to hire you and spend money for appropriate visa and re-location?

Use a job site directory

People who ask me what kind of jobs available in Australia , I often tell them to go to a job site directory and look at job vacancies there such as; or You will find what type of work is available here in Australia. Browse by category or simply sift through until you get the general idea.

Use your search skills and initiative

Yet, the question comes back to me eventually…available jobs in Australia? Ugh! I often ask, have you checked the websites I gave last conversation? No, I did not get the chance to, is the common response I get. So please use your research skills and initiative and find out for yourself. The two website links above can give you all the answers you need—much, much more than I can help you with.

Use Philippine Agencies

Talk to overseas job agencies in Philippines. One third of the countries income comes from OFW—last check about 17 billion dollars—but I have to double check on that one for accuracy. So there will be agencies there who can tell you that jobs that are available here, or even help you get one. Again, use common sense and exercise caution though, because there will always be somebody who would want to rip you off. One thing is you need to know though is get appropriate passport/visa for it.

24 Responses to “Are You Looking for Job In Australia”

  1. Gail Cordova says:

    To add up to this, Australia now offerst fast migration to immigrants in the IT and Engineering fields. This is a great opportunity for us Filipinos!

    • Leeyo says:

      is it really necessary to have an job experience before going abroad? can fresh graduates apply a job abroad? especially in australia. thank you!

      • In my opinion? You will have an advantage with a job experience. Like any fresh graduate, if you look for work anywhere, you will be competing with those who are experienced alike.

    • Gaston Dimagiba says:

      Hi Gail,

      Could you provide us how would we start in case we are interested to migrate and land to an IT job?

      Thanks in advance.

  2. jerome says:

    Hello, i am currently working here in jeddah, is there any advise that you can give, so that i
    go and work in australia.

    • Hi, Jerome.

      I am not the best person to ask in regards to migrations and working. But my understanding is that you need to have some sort of qualification which fits to a niche here—or at least have some competency level. As far as working only, I think you need to fill in roles that Australians can not fill. Alternatively check out this ebook. It may help you Moving to Australia

      • edwin says:

        jojie corteza, i just want to ask if how can apply to work in australia mostly in perth WA as i am an architecture graduateandand a senior archicad residential draftsman and has knowledge in Building code because our client in my work are from perth waetern au. hope you can help me..
        thank u

  3. rr twano says:

    the two website you indicate, are they accepting resume from other country like Philippines? or just resident in Australia?

    • rr twano says:

      or say applicant?

    • They are just job boards. It’s really hard to get a job here without proper papers—as in, you kinda want to have a work visa and on top of that, a vacancy here that can’t be filled by Australians. It’s similar to Philippines.. all the jobs in Philippines belongs to Filipinos right? Unless, a role that can’t be filled by a Filipino.

    • You’ll need to check on the advertiser. Those website I am talking about are job boards. Check with on what rights you have working in Australia.

  4. Kenny Sacay Moñasque says:

    I am a Registered nurse here in the Philippines. How can I find an employer that would sponsor my travel and visa going to Australia?

  5. Erwin Colis says:

    I working in a BPO is there any work that I can apply w/ my BPO experience???

    • Banking is regarded as common job with what I think you have in mind. Here in Australia, my understanding is and mind you, this is out of my field of knowledge, that jobs in Australia is for Australians first before everyone else. This is similar to Philippines where, all jobs are for Filipinos unless there’s a role that can’t be filled locally. Also if you want to sus out work here in Australia? Look at the job boards available online.

  6. rod says:


    My wife and I are considering moving to Australia.
    I’ve heard Australians are very welcoming, but is there some sort of discrimination in Australia for Filipino in terms of employment and opportunity? We am currently in a country where westerns are paid more than their counterparts. How is it in Australia?

    What is the standard of living for Filipino Immigrants? What do most Filipinos complain about aside from commodity prices?


    • Hi, Rod—you’ll find people in Australia are quite warm. Actually it’s the same feeling that I got when I went to Florida. Friendly accommodating people. That’s my experience anyway. Like all places though there are discriminations of some sort everywhere—employment included in some sectors. I never experienced this myself, but I have had others who say to me, that there is one. One example, was that higher paid employment—there’s only white folks in it with great grasp of English, non-coloured type folks. Though, I can tell you, there are many more people with managerial positions and executive positions where a company does not discriminate (I was one of them holding one of these positions). Common jobs though, you’ll find it is all based in the pay grade of that position based on the Industrial relations laws I believe? So as I think what your question is, say you work as a cashier at a supermarket and you are Asian, and another one is white, you’ll find the pay is the same. We have a thing called equal opportunity laws here. Companies who does not follow this can get sued and or reported and fined.

      As far as standard of living, all depends on what you are willing to work hard for. Those coming to Australia at later age, might not have a better standards of living because their employment won’t provide for better living. You could even say, sky is the limit here if you are willing to go and get it.

      • rod says:

        Thank you Jojie for your reply, very informative!
        We heard quality of life is far better in OZ so we’re planning to move.
        I work as Accountant/Cost Controller and my wife is an Executive Secretary, we have 2 yr old daughter. Where do you think is best city for us where cost of living is commensurate to salary grade, good place to start a family with warm filipino community. it seems to me you are very well experience in this type of things. Hope you can give us feedback. Thank you!!!

        • Thanks Rod for your confidence. I actually don’t know a lot. I spend most of my time in my room these days playing computer games. So I hardly see the sunlight. (I blame that on the break up of a relationship). But slowly I am trying to get out there and be me again.

          I understand, being a Filipino, you would want to be close to Filipino communities. But as you learn more about cultures, you’ll find, it won’t matter much if you are surrounded with Filipinos or not. Life still moves on.

          Sydney is the most expensive city to live on and it can be very competitive. With your employment background, it sounds like you need to go to a city where there are bigger business. I can only speak for Sydney and it is getting crowded in here. About 2 years ago, many likened Queensland.. not only for it’s Sunny days, but it was also a city that was growing…

          It’s really hard to fully answer your question though, there are many factors to consider, including lifestyles and opportunities and more.

  7. cha says:

    Hi Jojie,

    Thanks for your post, I say common sense is not so common nowadays! :D I will definitely visit the job sites you posted.

    I’m currently employed here in PHL in a global IT/BPO company. I am doing application support work for a global consumer goods company for 3 years. The pay is great but my work/life balance is on a downward spiral as I climb the corporate ladder.

    I’m interested to work in AUS a year from now. I am interested with the 35hrs/week for regular employees (this means I can still relax/ I can still take part time jobs haha). With the kind of work I am currently in, would you know if I have a big chance of landing a job that is somehow related to my field with good pay in AUS?

    Since you mentioned that Australians get to be prioritized for common jobs, do you recommend for me to take vocational courses, let’s say in TESDA, and gain 6-12 months work experience to have a bigger opportunity of landing a job in AUS?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

    • Gaining work experience is great, but it’s gonna cost you, since you are not local here. I am sure there’s jobs here that you can grab without having to go through work experience.and you have some experience.. maybe you can use that?

      Taking vocational studies really depends on where you want to go.

      As far as my advises? Take it of face value. This is not my area of expertise.. but if you are interested in working in Australia in a years time? I would start looking at companies that you would want to work for and start talking to them and ask them what you need to do to gain employment winthin their company

  8. Cherry Aguilar says:

    Hi Jojie,

    Thanks for your valuable inputs/insights.

    Would appreciate much if you can enlighten me on the ff:

    We are preparing our docs to apply for migration to Australia. Im a little worried because me and my husband are already on our early 40′s and we have 3 kids of school age (1 primary; 2 secondary). Im currently working as HR Manager in a construction company and my husband is running our small family business. Would you recommend that we pursue this direction despite our age? Do we still have opportunities in Aus, no age discrimination? What are my chances to get a job related to my long time profession? If I can get a job related to my direct qualifications/profession, would it suffice to send our kids to Aus school?

    Your inputs would be appreciated much.

    Thank you.


  9. Binoi says:

    Hi Jojie,

    My wife has an opportunity to be assigned by the company that she’s currently working for in Australia for a good six months or more.

    I was wondering that since she wants to bring us with her and I myself don’t want to be stuck in the house sitting on the couch watching the tube all day, how easy would it be for me to just walk up to say a diner or a autoshop and get work? Is Australia very particular about work permits even for just part-time blue collar jobs?

    My skills are more attuned to office work but I want to explore work that gets my hands dirty and learn at the same time (especially that Im a fan of cars).

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Kat says:

    I’m Filipino currently based in Auckland, New Zealand and I am very interested in finding a job in Oz. The problem I have encountered is that they will tell me I qualify, ask when I can start and when I say I live in NZ they suddenly withdraw their interest on my application (Is that legal?) I’m legally entitled to work and live in Oz….do you have any advise for me?

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