A Small Filipino Fiesta

Over a period of few months, I would randomly hear my kids or their mum say, that they are doing some dance practice for a show. They are blessed with an aunt who was a dance teacher back in Philippines but now has a different vocation here as a Filipino living in Australia. During my days off, I would ask their mum if I could see my kids and often times, I would get a reply that they are at their aunts house practising. It was such a downer for me as I hardly see my kids all 4 of them. It really suck to be separated from your kids but that’s another story.

Leading towards June 10th 2012, I got an email that they will be presenting their dance. When I got there I was surprised to read the Filcos-Fiesta. I’ve never heard of Filcos fiesta before. Though I have heard of Filcos, because I used to belong to Filipino tennis groups which was part of Filcos. I can’t remember what Filcos means though.

How many attended


There were various performances that day. There were a couple or so performers who auditioned or competed in the Australian idol or Australia’s got talent. But the first performance were my kids and their cousins. They danced a traditional Filipino-harvesting dance. Seeing the kids wear traditional clothing was rather cute and I had smiles all over my face.

What I noticed though, were the attendees. Where are they? I could see a pocket full of folks, mostly in their elderlies age. I wondered what’s going on? Where’s that Filipino support? The problem I find, and this includes me too, is that the events held are not that interesting. For a younger folk, there is not enough encouragement to go and check out these fiestas. It’s nowhere near how our Filipinos from Philippines do it. It is simply not the same.